OWEEE! We love Resurrection Sunday!! It is a great time of reflection for us. And of course Baby Big Hair loves all the ‘Spring related’ events (as we like to refer to them; I’m pretty sure there were no eggs hidden under The Cross, ijs) that are part of the American culture such as the The Easter Bunny and egg hunt. These are this year’s treats for her class. Spring colored mustaches w/a funny little greeting, sooooooooo Baby Big Hair!!! Check it… Continue reading →

YES!!!! If it were not so I would have told you!!! A couple weeks ago, BBH told me something was in “her office”, which is my childhood table and chair she uses in her own little space in our living room. I thought it was SUPACUTE that she called it that. It was actually used more like a dumping ground for small toys, markers, handmade books (her favorite) and anything else she didnt “feel” like putting away:/ Not much of a work space as I hoped it would be when we brought it home from Grandmom’s house a couple years ago. So, taking my queue from her,  we made a stop at Target and grabbed a few organizing pieces: a simple wall shelf, 2 small bins and table organizer with little dividers.  I also found two little small trays on clearance, a perfect little trash can, and a paper slot organizer to help organize her work (not shown but to the left of the office) at the Container Store (lawd I can stay there for hours!!! But I mean the spirit of organization never overcomes me when I leave and go home:/).  I then came come and put my “Divine Design” weight on it once I got home (or at least in my mind I did, LOL!) and got this…

Kids office


Other than sanding the wood down and giving it a good stain when it warms up (my Dad would use the chairs around the house as a stepping stool for chores, painting etc – yeah, that’s that good ol “70’s wood”, LOL!), we are looking pretty right and tight up in this joint!!  EEEEEK!  I LOVE IT!  Now BBH uses this desk for coloring and drawing like e’ryDAY!! Her stamps are in the upper bin and loose crayons are in a container in the lower bin.  Her fave coloring tools are right at  her finger tips, and I love how she’ll put her little organizer on the floor and get BIZZEH with her “lessons”!! HHHhhhhh…. Can I get an OFFICE?!??!   ijs:/  LOL!!! HHhhhhhhh.  Aweee…my little illustrator being about her BEEZNIZZ!!! Love that girl…:)

bbh office 2

Go’Head Baby!


p.s. check out one of our all time fave BBH Lifestyle posts,  “A BBH Nursery“.  #homedesignerwannanbe  LOL!



Guess Who’s FIIIIIIIIIIIVE?!?!   EEEK!  That’s My Baby Ya’ll!! :”’)  Promise I CANNOT with my own CHILD!!  Get in Mommy’s POCKET!  LOL!!  HHhhhhh.  My yummypie. Baby Big Hair is an avid reader, and writer (writing small words like “moon” this morning, YEY!), and is the BOMB artist; thus her 5th Birthday P”art”y.  EEEK!  More to come on party deets.  She is also quite the prayer warrior, TRUST!! Mommy’s sweet, talented and beautiful babygirl:)  HHhhhhhhhhh…. We are SUPAPROUD of our baby who inspires us to no end. MOMMY AND DADDY LOVE YOU!!!

Go’Head Baby, Be Five!!

BBH loves her some mermaids.  It’s only fitting she’d be one this year.  Here she is this am before school. Cloak was made of fleece, tulle and ribbon (to cinch it at top and keep in place on the inside) and a little bedazzling of stickers. SupaEasy, trust. More pics later. Crown was made from a few $1 finds.   HHhhh. Aint my baby getting big ya’ll?? :”’) Happy Boo Day and  BE SAFE!

Go’Head Baby!

**UPDATE**  Gabby responds to hair comments here*

Ok, sooooooo.  Yeah.  After such a historic achievement for herself and all America at the 2012 Olympics in London, for some Gabby Douglas‘s amazing triumph boils down to this…. HUR.  Yup. Gabby’s hair. SERIOUSLY?  Now I am not even gonna lie.  I gave the tv a quick side eye when I saw her the other evening, namely because I initially thought her hair was partly up  which is odd for any sporting event, especially gymnastics.  But then I realized it was indeed in a ponytail with loose hair tucked under, and sides secured.  It wasn’t your typical “bun” style, but I got it… It was up and away from her face.  Made sense to me, and I kept it movin’, watching her (in shear awe and amazement!) while doing some things around the house.  Honestly, typing this out took WAY more thought and time  than spent thinking about her hair.  Unfortunately, not so much for others.  Her hairstyle or lack thereof had/has some folk ALL>A>TWITTER. SO much so that CNN  covered it. YESSS! If it were not so, I would have told you!!   AND they had Curly Nikki weigh in (Go’Head Nikki!), who brought an interesting perspective to the table.  Check it…

You can also read USA’s brief post on the same topic here. It is amazing to me that this is a topic of discussion  at such a time as this. But then again, I am not so amazed. Lets not deny how serious hair is in the African-American community.  I know for me growing up, you did not get the mail with  your night cap on and BEDDA NOT mess up your Sunday style. So I get where the negative comments are coming from. They are not foreign to me by any means. Now I do expect comments like that from Aunt Mabel n’dem. But this much younger Twitter generation??!!!???! Aren’t we a bit more free than that?!?!?!

You know what?? I think if we all spent less time worrying about our hair and image and spent more time honing our God given talents, there would be more beautiful music, more beautiful art, happier children, cleaner air, and so forth. Trust, I am speaking to myself first and foremost. See, that is what true talent on display does or should do to people, you know? Stir up those “there’s gotta be more” feelings inside of us that causes one to wake up an hour earlier the next day to jump start their “new life”.   But ^^THAT^^?!?!?! Hhhhhhhhhhhh.  #EMBARRASSED.  So what are your thoughts?  Thanks in advance for your thoughtful input and showing respect for the opinions of others.  Gabby Douglas

Go’Head Baby!


Song Solomon 6:3 – 
I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine..  

It’s our anniversary, ye-YEAH!!  No really, it’s our anniversay!  Daddy BBH and I are celebrating 12 years of matrimonial bliss today, EEK!!  Who knew when we met  14 years ago we’d be best friends and partners for life.  God is truly good… Continue reading →