Happy Birthday Martin Luther King, Jr.!!!

On this historic day, we at Baby Big Hair want to take a moment to celebrate the birthday of the great civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. This, also on the second inauguration of our nation’s first African-American president, President Barack Obama!! It’s a great day in America.

God bless.

What’s up Big Hair peeps? I hope all of the dads out there had a happy Father’s Day last weekend. Well, are y’all ready to Blast Off this week? We have a special Daddy’s Corner edition of the “Baby Big Hair Blast”, where we highlight BIG HAIR artisans and their muses.  This week we are featuring a lovable little one named Asia and Daddy Fred is handling this here Blast Q&A! So why waste more time… ain’t nothin’ to it but to do it…

Tell us a little about Baby Big Hair Asia.
Well what can I say about Baby Big Hair Asia, she is one big ball of energy! She loves to climb and swing from just about everything in the house. She is a joy to be around and gives some of the sweetest hugs and kisses known to man. [Awww man!! You gotta love that. Baby girls are great.]

Do you style her hair and/or what are your favorite styles to see on her?
As far as me styling her hair? I try, but its just so much of it, so most times its left to flow freely in the wind, or put in a ponytail [“my little pony, my little pony… ahhhhh ahhh ahh ahhh”. my fault. Guess what I’m watching?]. My favorite style would be her Afro! I love to see her hair, the way God intended…big and natural! [Yessir, afros in the houzzz!!!]


How does Asia feel about her hair?
Asia loves her hair, she loves to look in the mirror at it and brush it. Sometimes she gets plats in her head with beads on the ends, and she loves to swing her hair side to side, and let the beads rattle and shake! [music to your ears.]

What are your thoughts on “relaxing” or “perming” her hair?
I said when she was born that I would not perm her hair or relax it, but yet let that be her decision. She has a good grade of her, and though it may take a little bit of work to upkeep it at times, it is well worth it! [Smart man. Hair is always gonna be tough to keep up with, natural, fried, dyed, laid to the side, afro or soul glo. Believe that!]

Last but not least, anything you would like to share about haircare in general, styling and/or experiences for all the Baby Big Hair Dads out there?
To my fellow Baby Big Hair Dads, one piece of advice when it comes to haircare is this…don’t be afraid to ask questions. If your not sure about a product, then ask. For me when it comes to her hair, I’d rather go with health over style! [Great advice… y’all betta ask somebody!]

Yo, thanks Daddy Fred for sharing with us this week. You dropped some great knowledge that I’m sure will help our fellow BBH dads. Keep up the good work and hug that little precious joy for us! Until the next time, this is Daddy BBH signing off.

So a week or so ago I was able to take BBH to the park for another hair drying adventure after mommy’s hair washing regimen. And what else would you expect an amateur film-making daddy to do? I pulled out the iPhone so I can take some photos!

Then I had a great idea. What if we made a trailer for a fictional summer movie!!! Well, let’s just say we let our imaginations run wild out there in the hot, hot sun (while she let her “soul glow”). And what we came up with is a hilarious trailer for a summer movie coming to a theater near you… some day. Continue reading →

What’s up everybody. Long time no write. Hey we found a gem for you Daddy’s Corner readers – Allen and Brandon Get a Haircut. Yes, these two big haired 3-year old brothers get there hair cut for the first time. Did I mention that they have had some seriously BIG HAIR!?!? First haircuts can be a BIG deal and you can imagine that bigger the hair, the bigger the deal!

As you can see one of the young fellas was a little more into the hair cutting session, while the other was still rocking’ his big hair afterwards. Check out the video and tell us what you think.

(Warning: some BIG HAIR lovers may find this video to be too stressful too watch)


What’s up y’all? Hope everybody is doing swell. I wanted to drop in and see what people think of the tee shirt designs that we have included with our BIG Launch Kickstarter Campaign. So how did we come up with the designs you ask? Well, it was a great collaborative effort with me and the misses. We just brainstorm, draft up different ideas and work with the color coordination for the designs. We’ve had several designs for almost a year now but we wanted to wait for just the right time to drop them to the public. And there a lot more to come. But let’s check out the first three for now.

All Hair is Good says exactly what it means. We wanted to celebrate all hair types big, small or none at all. This was fun to make because we had to think of different hair styles and how best to represent them.

Yes… It’s All Mine has a bit of an attitude. And while we encourage our little ones to have a positive attitude, it’s almost impossible when people are always questioning if your child has a wig on because their hair is so big. Or they just want to touch your baby’s head… (see ‘Get Yo Hand Out My Baby’s Head‘ post). So we figured we can at least let the shirt display a little attitude while you and your child keep it together. Ha!

The Baby Big Hair shirt is a great way to spread the word about Big Hair. Plain and simple. And it’s got our fun logo on it!

Another fun creation has been our new characters lead by Courageous Curl Girl™ herself. I wanted to create characters that were simple to make (why get all complicated?) and that I hoped would appeal to both children and their parents. We are continuing to develop Courageous Curl Girl™ and her friends. We expect to do some BIG things with them in the future (future, future *echo)!!

I use Adobe Illustrator to draw all of our designs. That’s basically my main weapon of choice when it comes to graphic design (Photoshop and Lightroom are also in my arsenal). Most of the stuff you see on the website was created in Adobe. Let us know what you think of the designs in the comments below. What’s your favorite? I hope you enjoy them and will join us in being proud Baby Big Hair apparel wearers. Why wait? Contribute to the Kickstarter and get your shirt reserved today (there are only a few days left!!). Help celebrate BIG HAIR, spread the word and the BBH anthem “Go’Head Baby, Be Curly!” all across the globe.

What’s up everybody? I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday! We certainly did, but let me get straight to my point…

I have a confession. Sometimes I dress BBH. Well most times I’m putting clothes on her that moms picked out. Every once in a while I’ll pick some stuff out for her to wear but it usually ends in her mother reworking my color scheme (or lack there of).

Well one of the greatest challenges is getting BBH’s big hair through the normal-sized “head hole” in her shirts. This can be tough! I mean there have been times that I’ve downright considered putting the shirt on her like it was a skirt. Sometimes I just have to parcel out pieces of big hair through the opening one slab at a time. It’s quite comical, but eventually it works. I guess it is a problem that really isn’t a problem… it’s just quite comical. Take a look at my shameful attempts.


Do you have any silly/interesting BBH dressing stories? Ever get a shirt or hat stuck? Chime in.

This beat was created by BBH (and Daddy) on Thanksgiving for your listening pleasures. Feel free to download the song and come up with a fancy dance. Upload it to youtube and send it to us! We’d love to feature your dance on the site.

Hello Grandmom (How You Doing?) (to download, right click and save)

So, I had the chance to interview my main man Maurice after I found out that he was the hair washer of the house! Yes, that’s right, he washes both of his beautiful young daughters’ hair! We love it!! I was like man, we gotta interview you on BabyBigHair to get your secrets. He was definitely up to the task so here we are! This is a brother after my own heart (actually he’s surpassed mine because I still haven’t broken out the shampoo myself! Ha! But I will use the sun to dry some hair!). Let’s see what Maurice has to say:

How did you get to have the lovely job of washing your daughters’ hair?
I got the lovely job of washing A and K’s hair by volunteering…my wife does a lot and I figured that would take one small thing off of her to do list. [Bruh, you know you made it hard for everybody else with that one statement right there! We can end the interview right now. But we’ll keep it movin’. LOL.] She already does so much for them… so I try to help when I can [Yeah Daddy!].

Can you briefly explain any particular techniques you use? Also, how do you keep the soap out of their eyes?
Man that is a hard one…my technique is to first wet their hair and then load it up with shampoo until it becomes a thick lather working my fingers in a back and forth motion until it feels like it’s clean [Shoot man, that’s a masterful steez if I do say so myself! Please, carry on…] I keep a wash cloth close by to wipe off the shampoo on their foreheads to keep it out of their eyes…I also have them to bend their heads back when I rinse their hair out…doesn’t work all of the time though…I have a hair rinsing bucket tool to rinse their hair and faces off with water. I then apply conditioner, comb it out and then rinse it again. [Plain and simple, I can dig it]

Any funny hair washing stories you want to share?
My youngest daughter K didn’t like getting her hair washed at first and would keep physically moving my hand off of her head when I would wash her hair. [Ya’ll gotta know K to know that when he says she moved his hand… she literally moved a grown man’s hand. That girl is strong!]

Any advice you want to share with perspective hair washing daddies out there?
To all of the Daddies out there…Help your wife out all you can when it comes to your daughter(s) hair. [You betta PREACH!] I can’t style hair at all [Say it!], so I help out with washing and conditioning…hey…but if you can style hair, do it…your wife will definitely appreciate it. It is also good way for you to spend a little time with your girls as well. [Deacons, please come to the alter… the doors to the chuuch are now open].

There you have it, The Hair Washing King has spoken. I definitely admire this brother’s know-how (not just in the hair washing department but knowing how to make sure he’s helping out his wife!). Can I get an amen? We know our wives appreciate it so let’s make it happen fellas. Until the next time…

…She asks me to help out with BBH’s hair. I mean I’m all down for the cause and all but my hands are too rough for BBH’s head. I’ll probably pull or twist too hard and have her crying (by ‘her’ I’m talking about mommy. HAHA)! So I just play my role as the hair drying daddy unless there is some dire need for help, which I guess I can try to contribute with a few twists or detangles — or eat some Bojangles (my bad, I just felt like rhymin’).

Okay, I’ll come clean. I did help take down a few braids in BBH’s hair the other day. Mommy was working really hard and needed a little relief so I did a few so that the process would go a little faster. It wasn’t too bad. In fact it was quite therapeutic. I took some notes while filming the Three Strands of Separation video so I had a pretty decent idea of what I was doing (not really, but hey, it looked good). Now, I don’t know if I can do a whole head… that’s a lot of hair and I’m not used to dealing with a lot of hair. Remember… I gave most of my hair to BBH. So I was in it to win it for about 20 minutes (rhymin’ again).

Well, that’s it for now. Fellas, how do you know when your woman is tired of doing your BBH’s hair? It’s your turn to chime in — and don’t chicken out… you know you’ve done some twist, braids, or something!