Well, a couple weeks ago we decided to get some fresh pictures of BBH since she was dressed all pretty in her greeny-green and had a super Big Hair day. So after church we took a few (hundred) pictures, outside on what had to be one of the HOTTEST days of the summer. Man it was hooottttt!!!! What were WE thinkin’?

So obviously we had to make this into the quickest photo shoot ever. Mommy was the stylist and in control of the props (bubbles), I had the camera and we were on our way. Well, by the end we were all dripping wet with sweat (the whole thing only lasted about 15-20 minutes) but we came up with some pretty solid shots of BBH. Check out the fro-tos and tell us what you think. Continue reading →

So, I’ve finally realized my role in the whole BBH hair washing process. I am the official hair drying daddy! Yup, that’s right, while mommy washes the BBH do, I am preparing to take her to the local park for some quality sun-baked hair drying.
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I’m sure that all of you fathers out there know what I’m talking about before I even start. What do you do when mommy is doing the kid’s hair? I mean, yes, we could engulf ourselves in the process and even help out. Nahhh. It’s better just to let them have that time together and find something else (non)productive to do.

So I’ve develop a quick top ten list to help when you are trying to decide what to do during that alloted time. Here goes nothing: Continue reading →

So I’m just waiting for the day for our daughter to ask my wife, “Hey mommy, where’s daddy’s hair?”. With a tear in my eye and the straightest shoulder-to-tip-of-index-finger possible I’m going to point at her and say, “Have you looked in the mirror lately!! Huh, have you?!” Hahaha.

But seriously, I do think the shorty doo-wop took my hair. Maybe not all of it, but some of it. In my youth I used to have the biggest afro in the community. Kids could play hide and go seek in that joint. It was big enough that if I wanted, I could stash my sippy cup in it and pull it out when I needed a drink (like the one Super Globetrotter, Sweet Lou, on the 1970s old school cartoon, remember?). Continue reading →

So this weekend was big hair week for our daughter. Mommy went through the process of washing her hair on Saturday morning. And believe you me, it is a process that I’m sure my wife will break down in a multiple-posts series in the near future.

Well the decision was made for her to rock the curly afro steez for the weekend. Let’s just say that before that happens again, we are going to have to make some signs with the instructions: Don’t Even Think About Touching My Hair!!

I mean come on son! We went to two restaurants over the weekend and people ranging from waiters/waitresses to customers just felt the need to come up and touch her hair. It’s as if we had a sign on her head telling them to do it so they could get a blessing or something. Continue reading →