WOO-HOOO!!   The Frotective Challenge is officially over and these BIG HAIR artisan mommies have been fro’n for DAYZ lawd!!  EEEK, I’m so excited to present all these amazing styles with frotastic upkeep skillage!  We all know that BIG HAIR ain’t easy, so lets give it up for these mommies and BBH’s who have been rockin BIG HAIR from July 4th through July 7th *claps and whistles* !!!! Continue reading →

EEEK!  Its the last day of  our Frotective Challenge and these mamas are going strong to win that there Baby Big Hair Tee, FRO’SHO!!!   Wowzers!!  Well, by now  you’ve met 2/3’s of our frotestants in Meet the Frotestants Parts I and II.   Let’s break down the last leg of our frotastic BBH’s and their BIG HAIR artisan mommies (and sis) so ya’ll can see what we’re really workin’ with!  BAM!  Lezgo…. Continue reading →

OWEEEEE!!!  Happy Independence Day!!! And… Happy National Afro Daaaaaaaay!  EEK!  You know what this means right?!?!?  Huh?  Do Ya? DO YA?!?!  Our Frotective Challenge has officially jumped off!!! JEAH BABY!!  Can’t wait for you to meet our participating Baby Big Hairz, lawd are they CA-UUUUUTE!  Don’t want to be you come votin’ time lawd, LOL!!! Our Mommy BIG HAIR artisans are committing to four fabulous days of Baby Big Hair frotasticness for a chance to win a lovely BBH Tee Shirt. OHGAAA!  Promise you I.can.not.STAND.IT!! Check out these BABIES!  And we’re off…


BIG HAIR Artisan:  Mommy Holly
Anticipated BIG HAIR style(s)
: Wash n go, frohawk, possibly a twist out
Anticipated frotective techniques:  Silk wrap and silk pillowcase(in case the wrap comes off) and the pinapple method for night time when her is in wash n go mode
Frotastic products to be used: Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Amoothie and Kinky Curly Knot Today daily in her hair


BIG HAIR Artisan: Mommy Heather
Anticipated BIG HAIR style(s): Twist out
Anticipated frotective techniques:  Remoisturizing
Frotastic products to be used: Shea Moisture or Bee Mine


BIG HAIR Artisan: Mommy Rebekah
Anticipated BIG HAIR style(s): Fauxhawk
Anticipated frotective techniques:  Sleep cap (both when sleeping and when playing rough)
Frotastic products to be used: Kinky Curly Knot Today and water mix for maintainance


BIG HAIR Artisan: Mommy Courtney
Anticipated BIG HAIR style(s):  Fro “Au Naturel” with headbands, bows or nothing at all!
Anticipated frotective techniques:  Detangle & moisturize nightly then Two Strand Twists or Bantu Knots & sleep with a satin cap.
Frotastic products to be used:  As I Am Hydration Elation Conditioner, Curls Unleashed Curl Boosting Jelly & Curls Unleashed Curl Defining Cream


BIG HAIR Artisan: Mommy Sdestra
Anticipated BIG HAIR style(s): Stretched out fro
Anticipated frotective techniques:  Moisturizing hair edges, scalp & ends
Frotastic products to be used: Flax seed gel, shea butter mix & EVCO

 Nia Simone

BIG HAIR Artisan: Mommy Bernadette
Anticipated BIG HAIR style(s): Twist Out, FroHawk, Puffs, Fro
Anticipated frotective techniques:  Moisturize Daily
Frotastic products to be used: Shea Moisture


BIG HAIR Artisan: Mommy Juli
Anticipated BIG HAIR style(s): Possible braid out, free hair and two puffs
Anticipated frotective techniques:  Moisturizing daily, nap and overnight partial braid and satin scarf
Frotastic products to be used: Kinky Curly Curling Custard, going to try vegetable glycerin, CARA B Moisturizing Hair Mist if I can get my hands on some


BIG HAIR Artisan: Mommy Summer
Anticipated BIG HAIR style(s): Bantu Knot Out
Anticipated frotective techniques:  Remoisturizing possibly re-knot overnight
Frotastic products to be used: Homemade moisturizer; Kinky Curly Knot Today and Curling Custard


BIG HAIR Artisan: Mommy Summer
Anticipated BIG HAIR style(s): Wash n Go
Anticipated frotective techniques:  Remoisturizing and loose braiding overnight
Frotastic products to be used: Homemade moisturizer; Kinky Curly Knot Today and Curling Custard

OOO-to-the-WEEEEEEEEE!   We have more delightful like BBH’s in this here Frotective Challenge to share with you.  Stay tuned!  Don’t forget to share your own fabulous 4th Frotos with us on the Baby Big Hair Facebook Page. Until then…

Go’Head Baby!!

WOOT WOOT!  Just 2 days away from our Frotective Challenge and were going strong with 30+ BBH’s oweee!!  Many thanks to mommies who entered the contest (deadline was 6/30 to enter)!  Well, last week we gave ya’ll some BIG HAIRspiration with our Defined Fros and Wash-n-Go’s post featuring info and tutorials from some of our favorite kids natural hair bloggers.  If those aren’t your cup of tea, how about an “out” style from braids, twists, knots or coils!?!  Check out these lovelies: Continue reading →

EEEK!  Less than a week away from our Frotective Challenge beginning on National Afro Day, July 4th.   With the weekend coming up, we wanted to help you explore some options to get you on that path to BIG HAIR gloreh (mm-hey)!   We have compiled some pretty frotastic info from some of our favorite kids natural blogs. We’re talkin’ premium-quality-deluxe-like tutorials  for the layman mama (or daddy, we dont discriminate).  Don’t be intimated by BIG HAIR!!!  If we can do it, YOU can do it!! Well alrighty, lets get to it lawd!

Defined BIG HAIR aka “Free Hair”  (our personal favorite:)

This is the process of defining your curls or coils using a gel type product.  There are great “curl defining” products out there.  Kinky Curly‘s Curling Custard, Queen Helenes Curl Shaping Cream, Taliah Waajid‘s Curly Curl Cream or Curl Definer come to mind.  Some people achieve great results using more cost effective products such as Ecostyler gel from your local Sally’s or drug store.  With any gel type product you will need a good leave in conditioner to keep your hair moisturized.  The key to “defining” is either raking  (with your fingers), shingling (smoothing with hands or comb), or clumping (with a Denman style brush). Check out these frotastic posts (and fabulous BBH’s:)

 Defined Curls (Queen Helene’s Product Review) by yours truly:)

 “Freedom To Rock Natural Hair” By Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care    

Defining Short Natural Coils & Curls” By Beads, Braids and Beyond.

The following are EXCELLENT tutorials w/different curl defining application techniques you can use with any curl defining product or gel:

Kinky-Curly Application Video:

Taliah Waajid Curly Curl Cream Video Application:

Also, see this awesome HowTo-shingle11 chart from  Note, with the heat and all, you can practically air dry that defined BIG HAIR outside if you start early am (I send BBH off with Daddy to the playground – but be careful they may get crazy and come up with stuff like “The Bubble Park” when left unattended, LOL!).  If you must use a blow dryer (cuz we’re all parents on the go), use a diffuser on low cool air.   Anywho, once that BBH is all defined, here are a few helpful posts to “keeps it curly” for the duration of the Frotective Challenge:

Rockin’ BIG HAIR:  Protecting the Poof Update” by yours truly:)

Maintaining Free Hair” by Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care

Wash and Go BIG HAIR

Is the thought of defining kids natural hair wearing you out (cuz it is work)?!?  You can always try a “wash-n-go”, meaning you wash and condition  that BIG HAIR and go with whatcha got!  This too can yield great BIG HAIR results. Peep these great wash-n-go posts (and purdy babies may I add):

Wash-n-Go with Bee Mine Curly Butter”  by Untrained Hair Mom

“Wash-n-Go” via Miss A’s Updated Natural Hair Care Routine by Bead, Braids and Beyond.

Check out this tutorial on maintaing a “Wash-n-Go” for days by FoxyMochaCleopatra

ARE YOU PUMPED YET?!?!  Again, the key to defining curls or wash-n-go’s is a good leave-in, gel type product and technique for desired definition. See our Hair Guide for a list of great products.  Also note products mentioned within each post.  If you have a leave’in, conditioner and/or gel that is working for your BBH, use them Hon!  It’s all about the technique not the products.  Whelp, whose going with defined BIG HAIR or a “Wash-n-Go” for the Frotective Challenge?? Be sure to holla at us in the BBH Frotective Challenge FB Group and enter by this Saturday, June 30th.  Instructions are posted to the Group under “Files”.  Stay with us as we give you more BIG Hairspirations for this frotastic challenge.  Count down to National Afro Daaaaaaaaaaaay!  Until then…

Go’Head Baby!