Bonjour!! Well time is of the essence and many of you are getting that BIG HAIR right and tight for Resurrection Sunday and all the festivities. Uhuhhh.. Well similar to last year’s Holiday Hair post, wanted to highlight some of our Hairspiration features over the past year that just may inspire your Baby Big Hair’s signature Sunday style, JEAH!! These are all relatively easy styles that you can pull off in the “11th hour”. Cuz let’s be honest, some of us live in the “11th hour”, LOL!! Let’s get to it, shall we?? Continue reading →

I know, I know!!  But it’s been a grip since we featured one of Mommy Rory’s RIDONKULOUS styles on that there cutie patootie Baby Big Hair, Lil Boo.  So I’m allowed NAB IT!!  LOL!!  HHHHHHHhhhh.  Can I just say say how much I LOVE THIS!!  *Shrills*  OHGAAAAAAA! If this don’t make you appreciate the beauty of BIG HAIR,  you need not read this BLAAAWG  LAWD!!   Lol! I jus’playin ya’ll… I jus playin:)    Let’s get a 360 shall we?? Continue reading →

Uhm, in case you’re just tuning in to our blog here, I love me some up do’s on da babies. See, one must ‘preciate BIG HAIR , cuz it will enable you to all kinda styles such as this lovely Criss Cross Bun style by Blogger Mommy and friend Kandy of Kandy Land Kurls. Now sing it with me!! CRISS CROSS BUNS, CRISS CROSS BUNS, 1 a penny, 2 a penny, CRISS CROSS BUNS!!! OHGAAAA! Zig zags and poly wags I LOVE this style!!! Continue reading →

WHOOWEEEE!!! I.Can.NOT with this ridonkulous style by Mommy Jennifer of Forty Toes Photography (40Ts)!! “Anybody that know me” knows I love me some Stella, that sweet Baby BIg Hair of 40Ts (see our exclusive BBH Blast feature here and Stella froto pics in our Baby Big Hair tees here), and this style right here is settin’ that baby OFF!! OHGAAAAAA! *shrills* That BIG HAIR frohawk center sandwiched between chunkeh monkeh conrows, all cascading down towards funky fly feathers of delicious hot pink gots me SHOOK UP!!! Continue reading →

“ANYBODY” that know me, knows I love me some 2 strand twists. It’s our go to protective style for BBH. Especially during the winter, her hair is in them like 90% of the time, with a twist out about every other weekend, sometimes further separated into BIG HAIR, some times not. But it’s always back to 2 strand twists and all over lawd! I’m not alone, Mommy Charlotte of Charlotte’s Avenue is an advocate for “all over” 2 strand twists as well and I mean she is a PRO!! This here style has her signature all over it. Continue reading →

GEEEEEEEE! *thud – wakes up and comes to* HHHhhhhh.  Where do I start with this Hairspiration?!?!?!  OHGAAAAA!  First of all, lil’girl… GET.IN.MY.POCKET!!!!  Sheesh! What a cutie patootie Baby Big Hair!!!  This frorocious style is brought to us by Mommy Carrie of Carrie Fay Photography.  That little lovely you see (as I gently place her in my pocket to tote around with me ALL DAY LONG, lol!) is her beautiful daughter, “Miss V”. Yumminess!!  “What matter of style is this” you say??  FRODORABLE!!!   Continue reading →

OWEEEEE!  Seems like “up do’s” are what’s up for BIG HAIR as of late (see other recent featured updo’s here and here), and this here  twisted pompadour style by Natural-Hair-Care-Info (NHCI) is the BIZZNIZZ!!  Yes lawd, all kinda party goings up on this joint.  Intricate cornrows with a “criss cross applesauce”, pop of color, then BAY-UM! Chunkeh Monkeh twists rope-a-doped into a delightful-like swirl of  GOODNESS!!  HHhhhhhhh.  THE SLAMMMMM.  Yes Ma’am/Sir, please believe it!!  Big Sis Dominique-Alexis puts it downnnnn for her baby sis (Bunny!!) evrah time.  Click  here for her awesome tutorial and tips on alternate ways to rock this style. Owee! Be sure to click around the NHCI site and the NHCI FaceBook Page  for tons of hairspiraion and natural hair tips. Tell Dominique-Alexis and purdyl lil’ Bunny we sent you!!

Go’Head Baby!

OWEEE!  I’m sure by now you’ve seen it lawd but “doves have officially cried” and they’re sangin’ BIG HAIR (OO-oo-OO)!!!!  Yeah lawd,  Prince was on The View Tuesday rockin his own BIG HAIR!!  And we LOVE it!  All perfectly coifed n’stuff. But really, should we be surprised??  Afterall,  This man has always had BIG HAIR tendencies:  Let’s take a quick trip down BIG HAIR lane, shall we?

 Freshman Year:

 Uhuh..  BIG HAIR..

Album cover:

Dome like BIG HAIR!!

…and tons more where that came from.  Yes indeed.  Prince has “Got The Look” and his latest debut is our BBH Hairspiration.  Prince…

Go’Head Baby!

ps.   Hooo-oo-ooooo, Hooo-ooo-ooo-oo, Hoo-oo-oo-ooo ….