WHOOOOWEEEEE!  YESSS!  Lovin this style by Mommy Blogger Aisha of Braid With Me.  “Anybody that know me” now I LOVE me some Mommy Aisha styles.  Trust, I try NOT to post her styles like all day evrahday, but dag nab it, Mommy is the SLAM up in some natural hair, OK?!?!?  This style right her is SUPACUTE.  Totally reminds me of our Asian Inspired Mohawk style but with just a touch of Une Autre Naturelle’s (Hey Mommy Daphne!) Party Bun that we featured not too long ago.  Get the awesome tutoral and steps right here. SupaEasy.  Do it tight, do it loose.  Now Cotton candy, sweet and low, let me see your MOHAWK ROLL!!

Go’Head Baby!

So, for those who do not know, Baby Big Hair had its first  ever “Frotective Challenge” in July that challenged mommies to go four full days of frotastic  BIG HAIR!  Boy did those mamas get BIZZEH!  So many little nuggets came out of that there BIG HAIR exercise.  This style right here was one of my fave.  So simple, chic and frodorably cute, Mommy Stacy SLAMS it on Day 3 by pinning  down that baby’s puff and ssssslappin’ in a flower.  B-B-B-B-BAY-UM!!  She took an already glorious puff to a whol’.Notha.LEVEL!!!  OWEEEEE!  Yes, Ma’am/Sir, Lil Miss GiGi knows she is supafly thanks to Mommy Stacy’s BIG HAIR artisan skillz.  Lets take a closer look shall we??

GLOREH! Imma dub this one as a fave Sunday style or a perfect and quick BIG HAIR style for any special occasion.  Call it whatever you want, but just make it your own lawd.  Mommy Stacy, lil’ GiGi and that purdyl pinned puff…

Go’Head Baby!

OWEEE!  Loving this simple, classic yet straight FIYAH style from fellow blogger Mommy Nikki of Beads, Braids and Beyond.   I love how the flat twists are slightly raised and off to the side instead of your typical tighter and centered flat-rolled style.  Twisted all delightful like,  drawing your eyes back to that glorious crown of gloreh like BAY-UM!!  YESSSS! The juxtaposition of all that “bizznizz” framing that sweet angelic  face!?!?  Whispy lil’ baby hair smoothed to perfection?!?!? Lawd it’s just KILLING ME!!  ACK!!  Love.It.  MMhhmmm. This would also be a cute twist-out style. OOOoooo, you could even switch it up with supa POWAPUFFS.  It’s a wrap folks. Please believe it.  Get the deets on this frostatic display of BIG HAIR right here. Make it your own, EEK!

Go’Head Baby!


^^^?!?!  This post will be REAL QUICK. TRUST.   HHHhhhhhhhhh.  I don’t know how Mommy Rory of Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care does it, but dag’on it, she just always manages to take things to a whole.Notha.LEVEL!  OHGAAAA!  What in da wurl?  COME ON HON!  For real?  Like, for real?   All I know it’s something about parts towards the nose, needle and thread, and BAM!  Its Hellooooooo Kitty.  As for me, it would have been more like Helloooooooo Stray “K” for Kat (as in, that is wack!!), LOL!  Just playin’.  Rory has this excellent instructional tutorial that really makes it all click.  But still, I just may sit on the sidelines on this one, smh.  Oh Yes. ITS.A.WRAP.FOLKS! Please believe it. Meeeeooooooow

Go’Head Kitty:)

O_O!?!?! EEEEEEEEEK! *Thud* GREAT FROS  a’FIYAH!!  Lawd not one, not two, but THREE Baby Big Hairz in a tub!!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE this video created by CARA B Naturally (CARA B), one of our trusted hair and skincare lines.   It’s one of a series of vignettes dedicated to raising awareness of that special and much needed parent-child bonding time, and to encourage the use of all-natural products for hair and skin.  Can we add to this movement the promotion of kids natural BIG HAIR and the beauty and fullness thereof?!?!?  YESSSSS!  HHHhhhhhh.  Side note, just aren’t enough Boy Big Hairz:(  Which is why I’m lovin’ this video!  CHECK IT:

*Shrills* SOMEBODY HUG A BBH!!!!  Cutie-patooties! More on this awesome pro-family and natural product awareness movement (from CARA B):

“We created these vignettes to highlight the everyday moments in which CARA B Naturally can play an intergral role in the care of our children – parents and caregivers who want the best for their kids can trust CARA B Naturally as a truly chemical-free product line that is both safe and effective. The vignettes are also inspired by our commitment to promote positive messages and images about ethnically diverse babies and children by honoring and celebrating their natural beauty.” says Kristi Booker, Chief Marketing Officer.

Well stated!  Ya’ll already know I love me some CARA B.  Please see our CARA B Skincare review here and Haircare reviews here and here.    We’ve been informed that Bath Time is the first vignette in the series.  The second, Good Mornings, will launch June 5th on CARA B Naturally’s website and Facebook pages. For both the launch of Bath Time and Good Mornings,  fans who visit and comment on the Facebook page will be automatically entered to win the CARA B Naturally Bath Time Sweepstakes. Winners will be chosen to receive a complete set of the full product line. YES!!  If it were not so, I would have told you!! Details about the contest are posted on the CARA B Naturally Facebook Page.  So getsa’likin, and tell them Baby Big Hair sent you!!! ALSO, for a limited time all CARA B Naturally products are 25% off your entire purchase plus free shipping on orders $25 or more, YUP YUP! Click on over the the CARA B Naturally website, get ur goods and enter  the code “BATHTIME” at check out.

We now return back to those frotastic babies!!  We are told their names are Jacoby, Jarius and Jahlil.  Well they are JUST supacuuuuuuute!  Hair all lush and delightful like. OHGAAAA!  Gimme.those.BABIES!!  Hhhhh.  How can Mommy ssssstand it?!?!  *looks around* Imma need a bigger purse…  EEEK!

Go ‘Head Baby(ies)!!


FROTO SOURCE: www.frolab.com

OOO-to-the-WEE!! It’s Miles “Baby Boogaloo” Brown for me!!   I first saw this boy wonder on Yo’Gabba Gabba (shout out to Plex!) a few years ago breakin’ it DOOOWN, you here me?!?!  This little cutipie guy is entertainment in a basket!!  Just a little pop lockin, krumpin, Bboy poppin machine!!  I absolutely ADORE this kid.  And the BIG HAIR?  That ^^^ BIG HAIR?  Hhhhhhh.  All gloriousness with its own orbit. Yesth… Let’s take a closer look at lil’ man man shall we?

FROTO SOURCE: BabyBoogaloo’s Photostream

FROTO SOURCE: www.exposay.com

FROTO SOURCE: www.tumblr.com

GET IN MY PURSE LIL’BOY!!   Love him!!  You may have seen him on America’s Got Talent or the Ellen DeGeneres Show.  Trust, this Baby Big Hair is representin’ all ovah the place!! Click here for one of his latest vids and watch him bust a move.  Such a supacutie!  Baby Boogaloo…

Go ‘Head Baby!

OOOWEEE! What do I love as much as BIG HAIR??!?! Boutique modeling Frotos of BABY BIG HAIRZ like these lovelies by Childish Couture Photography.

Isn’t Mommy Angelica’s work simply AMAZING?!?! Her daughter is a beautiful Baby Big Hair too (peep the BBH in the pink hat^^^); gimme dat baby!! You can find Childish Couture Photography splattered all over the net capturing couture clothing and accessories by the likes of La Couture Amore (love their BIG BOWS!), beautiful people, moments and more. The Childish Couture Photography FB Page is a must, TRUST! OO LA LA LA, J’adore, J’ADORE Les enfants avec de grandes sèche-!!!! EEEEEEEEK! Childish Couture Photography….

Aller De l’avant Bébé!!!!

OOOOWEEEEE!  Talk about throwing out your “moms jeans”!! I love me some Folake of Style Pantry. Homegirl has her Masters in Flyism, and B.A. in GET IT! And good lawd that BIG HAIR?!?! OO LA LA LA, It’s flawless!!  She posts pics like e’ryDAY and without fail, BIG HAIR is on an poppin’. I love her originality, her style, her flav.  Oh she’s the slam y’all, trust.  HHhhhh. I can’t wait for BBH’s hair to get this full and long and put my weight on it at this LEVEL. Just sic…..

In the meantime, this chick has gear for dayzzzzz. Check her out at www.stylepantry.com where she covers “everyday fashion finds, style tips, outfits, and the latest fashion updates from runway to new campaigns and lookbooks.” Like the StylePantry FaceBook Page for daily doses of fabrociousness. If it were not so, I would have told you.  Ms. Folake…

Go’Head Baby!

[photo: www.cocoandcreme.com]

[BabyPhat Kids Spring/Summer 2010 AD campaign]

GAAAAAAA! These kids have hair for DAYZ. We’ve watch the Ming and Aoki grow up to be beautiful young and influential ladies. Love these girls, but most of all I love how they rock out BIG HAIR on the regular!!! Oooweee, those curls are a DREAM!!

And lil’bro Kenzo is nothing BUT supacute. Lil’man man with that BIG HAIR……get in my POCKET!! Cutie:)


One thing I can say about Mommy Kimora, she keeps the kiddos TIGHT with all the flav a Baby Big Hair should have. Mhhhmm. Yup. Fierce, fabulous fro babies. Give it up for Kimora and the kids ya’ll!!

Go ‘Head Baby

*PS – EEEEK! for you fierce and fabulous mommies, check out Kimora’s latest venture, the members-only website, justfab.com. It offers participants an accessory each month for $39.95. Shooo your BBH shouldn’t have all the fun:) GET IT!