Hair you Doooooin?!!  Seen a lot of cute baby pics in the blogsphere lately which has me going through BBH’s.  Here a few. Hope they warm your heart.  HHHHhhh.  BBH, my heart..lovely, made from love!



Happy Girl!

Don King?

Eye of the Tiger..

Booyah!   Just a few favs…

Go’Head Baby!

HAIRSPIRATION: A particular hairstyle that inspires you to try it yourself or create your own hairstyle(s).

We all have at least one. That OOWEE style that you can’t stop looking at. Out of hundreds of styles done by Nikki G of Beads, Braids and Beyond, this has to be my favorite. Maybe it’s the intricate pattern of the rows on the side with the contrasting cascade of twists on the other, but it ‘got’ me. I remember it like yesterday. I saved the link and would click on it every so often. Next thing I know, I started trying new things on BBH’s hair. Don’t get me wrong, there are many great styles out there and we’ll share more Hairspirations on BBH, but this one right here is special, it left a mark on our hair journey. What is your latest Hairspiration?

So, I’ve finally realized my role in the whole BBH hair washing process. I am the official hair drying daddy! Yup, that’s right, while mommy washes the BBH do, I am preparing to take her to the local park for some quality sun-baked hair drying.
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Welcome to BABY BIG HAIR BLAST where we highlight “Big Hair” artisans and their muses:)  Up next to the BBH stage is “Precious Ayania”.  I personally was smitten with by her BIG HAIR and that sweet little face!! This is one busy little bee!!!  We took some time out with Mommy to get the scope on this little cutie patootie:)  Let’s get to it, shall we??

So I’m just waiting for the day for our daughter to ask my wife, “Hey mommy, where’s daddy’s hair?”. With a tear in my eye and the straightest shoulder-to-tip-of-index-finger possible I’m going to point at her and say, “Have you looked in the mirror lately!! Huh, have you?!” Hahaha.

But seriously, I do think the shorty doo-wop took my hair. Maybe not all of it, but some of it. In my youth I used to have the biggest afro in the community. Kids could play hide and go seek in that joint. It was big enough that if I wanted, I could stash my sippy cup in it and pull it out when I needed a drink (like the one Super Globetrotter, Sweet Lou, on the 1970s old school cartoon, remember?). Continue reading →

So, in case you’re wondering about  the hair regimen for our daughter, below you find what worked for me thru the various stages of her hair. Note, I’m ALWAYS on the hunt for other organic products, so while I list/recommend a few here, there are soooooo many other products out there (which is why BabyBigHair is here to help you find the one for you!!).

Months 0-5 (new territory)

First let me say, my daughter had a TON of hair, so growing her hair was never an issue, maintaining it and preventing a bald spot was.   Personally I used Johnson & Johnson’s Soothing Naturals Head to Toe Body Wash on my daughter’s hair, washing her hair about once a week. It left her hair soooo soft and silky.   I don’t really recall putting anything else in her hair other than a dusting of baby oil for shine (too much will clog hair follicles), and would twirl a few pieces of her around my finger to define her baby fro a ‘lil, add a barrette or headband and VIOLA!!  At this stage baby products should do for any baby, you really want something soft and delicate. HOWEVER, had I stumbled upon it, I would’ve tried the “It’s a Curl” product line.  It’s all natural and made specifically for babies.   If you try and like, please let us know. Continue reading →

We want to see our readers join in on the fun! So send us your Baby Big Hair stories, photos, & videos! With your permission we will post them here for the world to see. Feel free to use anonymous names for safety reasons (if you are in a witness protection program we highly suggest you just read the blog and don’t worry about submitting anything. LOL).

We really think that your big hair stories should be shared with the world. So come on and join in the fun. Submit your story, picture, and/or link to your video below.
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So this weekend was big hair week for our daughter. Mommy went through the process of washing her hair on Saturday morning. And believe you me, it is a process that I’m sure my wife will break down in a multiple-posts series in the near future.

Well the decision was made for her to rock the curly afro steez for the weekend. Let’s just say that before that happens again, we are going to have to make some signs with the instructions: Don’t Even Think About Touching My Hair!!

I mean come on son! We went to two restaurants over the weekend and people ranging from waiters/waitresses to customers just felt the need to come up and touch her hair. It’s as if we had a sign on her head telling them to do it so they could get a blessing or something. Continue reading →