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This beat was created by BBH (and Daddy) on Thanksgiving for your listening pleasures. Feel free to download the song and come up with a fancy dance. Upload it to youtube and send it to us! We’d love to feature your dance on the site.

Hello Grandmom (How You Doing?) (to download, right click and save)


Many thanks to those in uniform and for the fact that we live in a “free” country.   Free to be who you are, and to choose your own path.  How fitting it is for Afro Day as well.   Rock that Fro if you can.  Sorry to disappoint but BBH is still in her protective style from traveling last week.  BUT, we did do something fun with her twists (one of my fav twist outs).  Will post pics later.  In the meantime, please check out a special message from BBH and this video posted by BlkOnyx488 which speaks of the origin of National Afro Day Continue reading →