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Yes…It’s All Mine‘ – Infant, Toddler, Girl, Classic Youth and Women’s sizes


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Happy Birthday Martin Luther King, Jr.!!!

On this historic day, we at Baby Big Hair want to take a moment to celebrate the birthday of the great civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. This, also on the second inauguration of our nation’s first African-American president, President Barack Obama!! It’s a great day in America.

God bless.

OWEEEEE!  ‘Anybody that know me’, knows I LOVE ME some CARA B Naturally.  That’s right; if it were not so, I would have told you!!  Read  our related skincare review here and haircare reviews here and here for reference. Anywho, we are ESTATIC to partner with CARA B Naturally to provide our readers a chance to win FROSTATIC prizes, right on time for the holidays!!!!   Even bedda, you can bless somebodeh (turn to ur neighbor and say blessssss somebodeh, LOL!)!!!  YES HONZ!  You and 3 of your besties can be #WINNING.  EEEEK! See contest prizes and details below…

THE DEETS (Woot Woot!):

What it is- Ultimate CARA B Naturally Holiday Prize-Pack which includes:

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How to Enter-

    • Log on to the contest landing page www.mycarab.com/alliwant.asp
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The contest will run from December 5th until December 23th.  A random winner will be chosen on December 23rd.  So, get your friend list out and click on over to the CARA B NATUALLY’s All I want for Christmas Contest Page and getsta entering!  Many thanks to CARA B Naturally for this fabulous opportunity for our readers!!  GEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Go’Head Baby!

For Immediate Release

Baby Big Hair (BBH) announced today the launching of its online store featuring BBH T-shirts in toddler and kid sizes, 2-12 (classic and slim fit styles). First up is the “Yes… It’s All Mine” Tee depicting a child who is constantly questioned about the authenticity of such frotastic BIG HAIR, a testament to any child with BIG HAIR…

The other featured shirt is the “Baby Big Hair Logo” Tee. With the BBH anthem, “Go’Head Baby, Be Curly!“, it’s a great way to spread the word about kids natural BIG HAIR and share that BIG HAIR pride. Plain and simple with that funky fresh logo!!

Kids natural hair t-shirts are hard to find and BBH T-shirts and designs are lighthearted, fun, and fashionably forward with positive messages. What a perfect gift for the Baby Big Hair in your life. Stop by the Baby Big Hair Online Store and get yours today! Stay tuned for more frotastic designs and products by Baby Big Hair

About Baby Big Hair

Since 2010 Baby Big Hair, has provided its readers with kids natural hair care tips, product reviews, BIG HAIR Blast features, crafts and more through creative writing, all delivered with a sense of humor. BBH celebrates kids natural BIG HAIR everywhere with their anthem, Go’Head Baby, Be Curly!™

Chloe and Larry are the loving and hilarious parents of Baby Big Hair and provide their readers with so much info

OWEEE! It’s CARA B Naturally at Target for me! Yes Hon, CARA B Naturally has just launched in Target stores (EEK!) and soon CVS stores too as early as next week!! See press release here. This is crazy people. ‘Anybody that no me” knows I love me some CARA B Naturally! Must see our skincare review here and haircare reviews here and here. Now I’ve been fortunate to find these products at a local store, but for many of our readers who can only purchase online, this calls for a little dance *smurf, prep, now pose – BBD!* Owee, the cost you’ll be save in shipping? The convenience of having your favorite products just right down the street? For real though. Doesn’t the fact that a product line made specifically for children of color is now available at a big box retail store just enough to make you go IN?!? We so excited!! Not sure if the Target near you carries it? Check the CARA B Naturally Target store locator.

To kick off the product launch, Target will run a promotional sale from January 29 until February 11th with a $1 off all CARA B Naturally products. All the more to get out there asap before products fly of the shelves!! Also next week, from January 30 until February 6, BBH will partner with CARA B Naturally for a week long “I Spy” Twitter contest for our readers. Participants can browse shelves, take a pic of CARA B Naturally products, or shelves that are lacking the products (let’em know lawd) and post to Twitter for a chance to win a $25 Target Gift Certificate, EEK! Details coming forthwith. In the meantime, GET UR ‘CAMERS OUT!! And get thee to Target, stock up and snap some pics!! See ya on the 30th, JEAH!!

Go ‘Head Baby!

Happy New Year BBH Fam!   Whelp, Out with the old, in with the new, BBH has a new look and we like, DO YOU?!?!  This updated look was created with you in mind with hopes to make the site more user friendly and easier to enjoy!   Some exciting changes note:

  • BBH Lifestyle: Our newest feature tab. You’ll find all things fun, cute and fabulous for your Baby Big Hair from crafts to funky fashions, room decor and more!
  • BBH Hair Guide:  We certainly are not hair experts.  BBH is place for sharing helpful tips and information we’ve come across in our hair journey.  The Hair Guide is a comprehensive listing of information and with links to help guide you to more information to make the best haircare decisions for your BBH. Truly hope you find it useful and check back as its an evolving document.
  • BBH Froto Page:  Yup Yup!  Get your BIG HAIR Froto pics ready.  BBH Wants your BBH!  Submit your Froto pics to frotos@babybighair.com to be chosen for our Fan Page and/or FB!!  EEK!

Of course you still find our faithful features such as Baby Big Hair Blasts, Hairspirations and Daddy’s Corner under the BBH Features Tab.  Don’t forget to comment (We LOVE comments)!!  Whelp, there you have it. We hope you enjoy your new BBH experience.  Thanks for the BIG love and support to date.  Praying BIG things for you and your fam in 2012.  Stay tuned for more information on our exciting giveaways that started today!  This weeks giveaway features a Beautiful Curls Gift Basket and the cutest crochet bow from BellyFruit Yarn; good stuff!

Go’Head Baby, Be Curly!


They are FABROCIOUS, jaw dropping and I just about pass out at every stankin’ new doll posting. I’m talking about the (as of late) Natural Dolls that Nikki G of Braids Beads and Beyond has been cranking out over the last week. She simply takes dolls like Barbies and “flips” them into beautiful naturals with ridonkulous styles!! BIG HAIR, cornrows w/BIG HAIR, fro-hawks, BIG HAIR on the side, braids, you name it. I mean.. really? Perfect itty-bitty cornrows, REALLY?!?! I’m in swoon. Why do I like them? COME ON, do I really need to answer that? The real question is why aren’t there more dolls on the market with BIG HAIR? Clearly it is fitting for these dolls. They all look amazing as if that’s how they’ve always been. Not to mention the cool staging of each photo that makes them even more believable. Another cool feature is the safe removal of that sometimes “over the top” lipstick each doll originally comes with. Just naturally beautiful. Heck, not to deny my BBH, but I want one for myself!! HHHhhhhh. I am SO serious …

Currently you can view and claim your natural doll on the Natural Dolls by Beads Braids and Beyond Facebook Page. Don’t ponder too long though; they’re normally claimed within an hour of posting. So get thee to the Natural Dolls by Beads Braids and Beyond Facebook Page and gets to likin’ these little divas. Instructions for purchasing are noted within each doll post. Maybe the day of BIG HAIR dolls is upon us, EEK! BTW, here is one of my favorites. I call her Lil’ BIG HAIR:)

Cutie Patootie…

Go’Head Baby!

EEEEEEK! While parlaying thru Walgreens, I did my typical segue into the quasi-natural product section, the product junkie I am, and low and behold there it was, a SheaMoisture sale!!! Buy at $9.99 and get one at 1/2 price. Booyah! Snatched some goodies up. Been waiting on SheaMoisture to go on sale like FOREVER! Yeesh. Just about all our Blastee Moms have raved about this line. Now I have some (and you ca-an’t have none)!!! So, do your BBH a favor and get thee to Walgreens this week before the SheaMoisture Sale ends lawd!! Product reviews in the near future. ‘Till then..

Be Curly!

OK.  Maybe I’m late but, this blog is a great find.  I can truly appreciate a mother that is working multiple heads of hair at any given time (Stronge, give it up for Stronge ya’ll!!!).  I just can’t imagine the time and care.  Mommy Natacha believes “Grooming your daughter’s natural hair is easy when you know what to do.”   Please click on over and check it out.  Some great tutorials and info on kiddo maintenance and styles.  Be Curly!