Had to share this latest video by Beads, Braids and Beyond featuring Nikki G’s beautiful girl “Little A” detangling her long, gorgeous (& ridiculous) natural hair. It’s really too cute and yummy for words (that BABY!). Check this out:

Good job Little A!!!!! Now let me just say its never too young to train your BBH in the basics:

  1. Detangle on wet hair (with added conditioner is best for great slippage)
  2. Detangle with fingers first
  3. Detangle with comb or brush

The 3rd (or 4th) step really depends on how much detangling is needed. For example after I detangle with my fingers I use a wide tooth comb and then the brush like Little A is using in the video. I altered our Denman brush by removing a few rows, a great tip I learned from Beads, Braids and Beyond. I found a video on removing rows here. Mind you, you can purchase a Denman type brush at your local beauty store for less, but check to see if the rows are individually removable, especially for thicker hair types. TRUST. Error on the side of caution on this, Denmans can be a blessing or a curse if you don’t modify it for your BBH’s hair type. Of course the best time to detangle is on freshly washed hair. But if you need to detangle throughout the week, whip out your BBH weapon, a spray bottle filled with water mixed with a little “leave in” conditioner. Here is a pic of our detangling tools (queue music – “This is How We Do It”):

I haven’t broken off the wisdom of detangling on BBH just yet for fear she’d constantly have a comb to her head and mess up a good Sunday style or two (lol!), but what she does like to do is apply product to her hair. Ahhh yes, my little PJ in the making:) How does your BBH get involved in the BIG HAIR process?? How do you detangle?

Be Curly!

BBH has been wearing braids for a few weeks now. We shared with you how unravel braids and retouch as needed via our Three Strands of Separation video. Now we’d like to share how to restyle braids w/a fresh look. In this video we show you have to achieve wavy or “crinkly” braids by simply setting the hair over night.

TECHNIQUE: Braiding box braids to scalp to achieve wavy/crinkle effect, creating a fresh new look with braids.

PRODUCTS USED: Water bottle mixed with Kinky-Curly Knot Today; Queen Helene “Royal Curl” Curl Smoothing Oil, Queen Helene “Royal Curl” Curl Shaping Creme .

TOOLS USED: Alligator clips for sectioning off hair, small bands and sleep cap.

STEP BY STEP: Section off hair with clips; lightly spritz with water mix; apply oil by rubbing into hands and massage into braids by pressing them between hands; Top with gel/styling creme and reseal ends as you go; Braid box braids to scalp, and band about an inch from bottom, reseal ends as needed. Cover with sleep cap at night and take down in the AM.

Hair looks fresh and so clean, clean! This is perfect for stretching those summer braids or twists a few more days while you get the kiddos ready for school. Enjoy and let us know what you think!!