Eeeeeeeeek! STOKED to see the newest cover of ‘O’ via the Instagram teaser posted today (@O_Magazine). Oprah shares in the insto “1 of my faves ever – Lets talk bout HAIR”. YESSSS! Let’s do HONZ!!! OWEE! All that BIG HAIR she’s rockin is the SLAMMM MA’AM! With the subtitle Grow It, Blow It, Awesomely Fro It! , can’t wait for the deets to hit the stands. It’s official folks. The day of BIG HAIR is upon us, young and old!!! Oprah and that FR’O’TASTIC cover…

Go’Head Baby!

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ACK!! Sweet babygirl Layla Crawford is doin’ her THANG folks. Starring as Olivia on “First Family” (which also starz one of our all time fave BBH’s, Yara Shahidi with lil bro Sayeed Shahidi), this lil’ cutie patootie is one to watch! You may also recognize that sweet face from NCIS LA where she plays the daughter of LL Cool J’s character, Sam Hanna (Ladies really do Love Cool James, LOL!). It’s really no surprise getting her start at 3 years old as an “early bird” for Debbie Allen Dance Academy. I mean come on people, this girl was practically born paying in sweat (FAME!). And I’m lovin her natural hair looks as well as her sleek styles, all so age appropriate. She’s just a stunning confident little natural beauty…

layla crawford

EEEK! LOVE HER!! Yet another lovely role model for little BBH’s to look up to:) Learn more about this tweeny Baby Big Hair here and be sure to show her love and like her FB page. Check here for First Family listings to watch her in action. Ms. Layla Crawford…

Go’Head Baby!

p.s. See THIS is what I’m talkin ’bout right here. This girl is FIYAH in this Nike “Voices” commercial (aired during the 2012 Summer Olympics) as young WNBA superstar Lisa Lesli). And peeps dat BIG HAIR?!?! Aint nobody playin Layla!! *goes off* HHhhhhhhh…

taye diggs, nathaniel diggs

AAAAACK!    I cannot with this cutie lil Boy Big Hair, Walker Nathaniel Diggs, son of actor Taye Diggs (and Idina Menzel)!!!!!  GET IN MY PURSE LIL BOY!!  *goes off* Ain’t he just a yummy lil man man??!?!?!  I about lost it when I laid eyes on this frodorable “got milk?” campaign ad.  “Anybody dat KNOW ME”, knows  I love me some sweet boy big hairz.  Can that smile be anymore gorgeous and bigger?!??! Yessss!!! And I’m talkin ’bout Walker ya’ll…. DON’T.DO.DAT!! LOL!  But I do ♥ devoted daddies and Taye Diggs is putting.it.down!  Please believe it.  His book, Chocolate Me,  inspired by Walker and Taye’s own experience growing up a lil brown child, is SUPACUTE!!   Check it…

taye diggs  chocolate me

GEEEEEEEE!  See that lil Boy Big Hair on the cover?!??!?  PINCH MEH!!!! I cannot get ENOUGH of this stuff!!! Now that’s lovin your Baby Big Hair!!! Here are some more sweet “Daddy and Me pics”…

taye diggs


Get in my POCKET!!

Lets hope they keep holding out on that “first cut” lawd!  That’s right. Grow that fro lil’bro!! Aweeee…..:) Walker Nathaniel Diggs

Go’Head Baby!


Blue Ivy Carter photoAWEEEEEE!  First glimpse of that lil BIG HAIR and face!!  Yummy “Bey”by:)  Look at those sweet curls…  EEEEK!!!  This pic is a still shot of the upcoming Documentary “Life is But a Dream” that airs tomorrow on HBO.  Lawd I can’t believe I’ve done seen this child’s FACE?!?!?  *goes off* What a precious lamb.  Lil Miss Blue….

Go’Head Baby!

p.s.  See “Life” documentary teazer here:

Froto Source: www.blackcelebkids.com

OWEEEE! Sweet BIG HAIRZ alive!! We are smitten with lil’Miss Pippen, the Baby Big Hair daughter of legendary NBA player, Scottie Pippen and wife Larsa Pippen. This girl is a DOLL I TELL YOU! HHhhhh. I just can’t sometimes…. Judging from these supacute frotos posted by Mommy Larsa, babygirl has quite the personalty. Peeps…


sophia pippen

GET IN MY POCKET LIL’ GIRL!! Lil cutie-patootie:) Lovin those soft curls…. Looking like her daddy… and MAMA lawd!! Can’t wait to see her little personality pop on the anticipated “Big Pippen” reality show, coming to a television set near you via WE! YESSS! Please believe it. This fam gots nothin’ but big and little BIG HAIRZ!! GEEEEEEEEEEE!

Big PippenGORG!!

*Shrills* I see ya big bro BIG HAIR:) Lil’ Miss Sophia Pippen…


quvenzhane wallis oscarCan we get a  big  ‘GO’HEAD BABY!’ for young Quvenzhané Wallis?  At just nine years old, this Baby Big Hair has been nominated for an Oscar making her the youngest lead actress nominee evah!!  *SHRILLS*  We are so EXCITED!!!  You may remember our Celebrity Baby Big Hair feature of Ms. Wallis in 2012 (see post here).  We knew BIG things were to come after her amazing debut and portrayal of Hushpuppy in “Beasts of the Southern Wild“.   Whelp,  IT’S A WRAP FOLKS!  Her outstanding performance landed her an oscar nod.

Quven yard

In addition, she’s already snagged  the National Board of Review’s best breakthrough actor award, the Hollywood Film Festival’s New Hollywood Award, a nominee for the best breakthrough actor Gotham Award and best actress Critics’ Choice, Indie Spirit and NAACP Image awards. O_O!!!  It’s official, this Baby Big Hair is on the MAP!  Congrats Quvenzhané Wallis!!  Please believe we will be tuning in with all our BIG HAIR support.  Oscars are set to take place on February 24th.   EEEEEEK!