*queues music* Those..Curlz…Are On FIYAHHHHHHHHH!

AAACK!  Ya’ll know how I feel about my young Boy BIG HAIRZ!!!  Check out young Egypt, son of the lovely Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz.  See that lil’ BIG HAIR justa poppin’ with supacute curls?!??!!  EEEEEEK!  Heart himmmmmmm!!  Lovin’ his protective styles too, PEEEEEEPS:

No matter what, Ms. Alicia keeps that Boy BIG HAIR supafresh and clean!!  Here’s a recent Twitter pic of young E promoting Mommy’s newest cd:


Aweeeeeee:)  Hey there cutiepie guy!!!  Young Egypt…

Go’Head Baby!

D’AWWWWWWWWH! Sweet pic of B and Blue Ivy.  That lil’ BIG HAIR is filling in quite nicely eh?  SUPACUUUUUTE!  I don’t care if I NEVAH see that sweet face, that baby is a DOLL, hear me?!?!  Miss Blue Ivey…

Go’Head Baby!


Photo Source: Getty Images 

OWEE!  Check out Baby Big Hairz  Skai Jackson ( plays  Zuri Ross on Jessie (TV series)) reppin’ BIG HAIR  on the red carpet at the 14th Anniversary celebration of P.S. Arts’ ‘Express Yourself’” on November 11, 2012 in Santa Monica, California.   EEEEEEK! Lovin that sleek, high PowaPuff overflowing with a SURIOUS cascading twist out!!  And dag nab it, if she isn’t always a poster child for fun and cuteness!! #AgeAppropriate   You can achieve this BIG HAIR style by simply smoothing out the sides and pulling  BIG HAIR into a high ponytail.  Place a wide silk/satin scarf around the head (tied in the back) for at least a few minutes; overnight will really set it off.   Oo La La… Let’s take a closer look at all that HURRRRRRRRRR:

Photo Source: Getty Images

PURDYL THANG!!  Get.In.My.Pocket!!! Represent that natural crown of gloreh!!    Ms. Skai Jackson…

Go’Head Baby!

Photo Source: www.CelebrityBabyScoop.com

 AAACK!  Yummy Luisa, spotted with Daddy David Alan Grier, is quite the cutie patootie!!  Those soft, glorious, whipsy curls are growing ever-so-beautifully into Lil’ BIG HAIR status!!  OWEEE!  “Two Snaps Up”  (ode to Men on Films, LOL!) Here is a much younger picture of Luisa…

Photo Source: www.BlackCelebKids.com

Well I’ll say it again to my BBH parents out there. *Queues organ* Don’t give up on BIG HAIR ya’ll! Cuz one fine day… YES!! (mm-hey-tie-my-bow-tie!)… One fine da-a-y (Yes’suh!).  You’ll wake up…I say you’ll wake up….. and find your baby with some…. a lil‘BIG HAIRRRRRR!!!!! THANK YA! *does dance* HHhhhhhhhh, LOVES IT!!  Aweee, Lil’ Luisa…

Go’Head Baby! 

Photo Source: BlackCelebrityKids

EEEEEK!  How stankin’ yummy is the lil’Boy BIG HAIR of Tia Mowry.  CUTIE PATOOTIE!!!  He’s been on BIG HAIR watch for the last few months now and after much consideration, he has officially been promoted to lil’BIG HAIR:).  EEEK!  Check out his little sweet curls…

GAAAAA!  I cant STAND himmmmm.  Mommy Tia keeps that baby so fresh and so clean, CLEAN!! Trust….  Aweee:) Young Cree…

Go’Head Baby!



Source: Theybf

Aweeeee!!!  Check out little Ms. Madison, daughter of R&B sensation Ne-Yo and fiance Monyetta Shaw.  EEK!! Loving her GORG thick coils and that smooshy little sweet face.  I could just pinch her all day lawd!! And fro’ sho Daddy and Mommy keeps that baby so fresh and so clean, clean!!

Source:  theybf.com

GIMME DEM GUCCI’S!!!   All I see in that mirror is Neyo, Neyo, Neyo and BIG HAIR! Awhhhh, Lil’Madison…

Go’Head Baby!!

photo source: www.tumbler.com

OWEEEEE! Loving the soft and whispy BIG HAIR on this precious lil’man man.  Sir Bronx is mos def the rocker child.  Son of Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson, he’s bound to rrrrrrock it out Baby Big Hair style, JEAH!  Good lawd those curlz!  HHHhhhhhhhhhhh. Check him out earlier this year:

photo source: www.people.com

kids big hair

photo source: www.zimbio.com

Aweee.. lil’ CutiePie Guy.  Just as dapper as he wants to be!!! Sure hope Mommy and Daddy don’t rush to give him a crew cut anytime soon.  Sir Bronx…

Go’Head Baby!


Hunger Games "Rue"

from “Hunger Games”

YESSSS!  Please believe it! This Baby Big Hair is the SLAMMMM MA’AM!  Many of you know Ms. Stendberg for her role as “Rue” in the film Hunger Games, (recently released on DVD) that was quite controversial due to some folk not appreciating such role being played by a “black” girl.  *Roles eyes* Hmph, that’s another post lawd… EEK!  So proud to see BBH’s on the big screen!!! This lil’lady had my heart in the film Colombiana (2011) playing young “Catalina” who witnessed her parents being murdered as a child.

Colombiana "catalina"

from “Colombiana”

TRUST, that baby SLAYED it.  I highly anticipate not being disappointed when I catch her in Hunger Games on DVD (as we don’t get out much lawd, LOL!!).   Ms. Amandla is SUPATALENTED and no doubt one to be watched for the duration of her already notable career.   And most impressive, she is  a young advocate for the No Kid Hungry campaign which is dedicated to the awareness of child hunger.  Read her amazing, jaw dropping “Go Orange” blog post here.  Well somebodeh just HUG A BBH!! HHHhhhhh. Seriously, at such a young age she exudes kindness, strength, beauty, talent and confidence.  And golly if she isn’t just a DOLL.  No, I mean she is literally a DOLL!!  Well, kinda sorta…   Check out the “Rue” action figure available NOW at Toys”R”us ($16.99), OHGAAAAAAAA!

"Hunger Games"O_o ^^?!?!?^^ Is that simulated BIG HAIR  w/a TWIST bang on a ….TOY!?!?!  

*Throws up hands in sweet surrender* Oh lawd, TAKE ME NAWH!!!  The day of BIG HAIR is here!!  *runs to the 4 corners of the earth and shouts*  “Get ur baby’s BIG HAIR out!!!” … “GET UR BABY’S BIG HAIR OUT!!!”  GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!  HHhhhhhhhh.  Let me collect myself…  I LOVE the fullness and the “texture” detail of this figurine. It’s so well sculpted compared to the “wavy scalp” you typically see on shelves.  Now where is the DOLL??  Barbie or SOMEfin?!?!?   LOL!  For realz.  This is MAJOR!!!  Back to Ms. Amandla. Babygirl is stunningly GORG!!  Rocking her BIG HAIR out, protected, slicked or whatnot, she AHWLWAYS looks beautiful and so age appropriate.  #LOVEHER! Check it:

Photo Source:  www.blackactors.net

Hunger GamesPhoto Source: www.MySpace.com

Photo Source: www.fanpop.com

Hunger Games "RUE"Photo Source: www.WENN.com

OO-to-the-WEE!! Again, supaproud on this Tweeny BIG HAIR, and just pleased as punch there is yet another Baby BIG HAIR on screen (and off!) that my little BBH can identify with.  Not that she’ll be watching Hunger Games, anytime soon…  But a little BBH figurine to “put in her purse” will do just fine:) Get all the official deets on this rising star here.  Stop by your local Red Box and get ur “Hungah” on!! Amandla Stenberg…

Go’Head Baby!


Official Rue Poster 



David Otunga, Jr ^AAACK!!! So CUTE!!^
Source: Black Celeb Kids

OWEEE! Lovin little David Otunga, Jr., son of Jennifer Hudson (singer, actress, author) and David Otunga (wrestler, reality actor, lawyer) these days. This recently turned 3 lil’ Man Man has the CA-UTEST dollbaby face and soft, delightful-like BIG HAIR!! Lookin just like his mama too. PLEASE BELIEVE IT!! Here they are last week between takes on the NYC set of ‘Smash‘.

David Otunga, Jr.PHOTO SOURCE(S): OK Magazine

Told ya, spittin image! And did you peep those cutie patootie shoes/Polliwalks!?!? You can  find them on sale here. Mmhhmm, other cute styles too. EEEK! And Mr. CutiePie Guy got JOKEZ for dayz too! Peep him rrrippin this TMZ guy. Like, uhm dude….you are not the slam. Get.Out.My.FACE!!!

BRAHAHAHAHAHA!! Love himmmm.  All smooshy wooshy w/personality to boot….  GET IN MY PURSE! Can’t wait to watch this kiddo grow up!!  HHHHhhhhhh. Until then, David Otunga, Jr….

Go’Head Baby!

Photo Credit:  Instagram @garcelleB

EEEEEEK!  This recently posted Instagram of Garcelle Beauvais’s 4 and 1/2 year old twin boys Jax and Jaid is an absolute DREAM!!!!  Golly. If this doesn’t make you heart Boy Big Hariz, then….. you need not read this blog!!!! I just playin:)  But for real doh, these boys are YUMMY!! Those soft curls and gorgeous eyes?   STUNNERS!!!  For those of you who do not know Garcelle Beauvais, she is most known for her roles in The Jamie Foxx Show and NYPD Blue. The actress and formal model, 45, currently stars on TNT’s Franklin & Bash.

Photo:  www.people.com

Love me some Garcelle.  She SLAMS and has been flawlessly rockin the natural look for a grip. But those cutie patootie Boy BIG HAIRZ?  Oh they need to GET.IN.MY.PURSE!! Jax and Jaid…

Go’Head Baby!