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WOOT WOOT!! It’s week 5 baby and we’re doin’it BIG Lawd. EEEEEEEEEEEK! It’s Natural Dolls by Bead Braids and Beyond! ‘Anybody that know me’ knows I love me some natural dolls by Beads, Braids and Beyond (BBB). Check our Hairspiration feature on these beautiful dolls. Nik G of BBB styled this purdy purdy below exclusively for Baby Big Hair readers. Now aren’t you just special:) I AM LOVIN’ THIS DOLL!! Oweee, that BIG HAIR? The dress?? Accessories?! RIDONKULOUS!!! Let me stop typing and get to the beezneez…

Isn’t She Looooovely, Isn’t She Woooonderrful? OHGAAAA! Many thanks to Nik G for this rare opportunity! Well, what are you waiting for?!?! Enter the Rafflecopter form below, LEZGO! This giveaway ends January 31st.

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Whew!!! Y’all doing alright??!?! Y’all still with me on this here BBH New Year Giveaway Bash lawd? Well its week 4 and we have yet more goodies in store! Mmhhhmm. If you were with us on Friday for BBH blast XXIV featuring Erin Go Paint and her beautiful daughter “A”, then you already know who we ’bout to break it off in this piece, EEK! One lucky winner will have his/her choice of a 5X7 Erin Go Paint print. That’s right, YOUR CHOICE! Now you do you baby, but I AWHLWAYS have ‘one eye’ on that supacutie Fairytail/Princess Series. Good lawd it’s just so fabulous!!! Check a few…

This weeks giveaway is a two parter (Yey! Twice the fun:), and the second winner will receive one Denman Tangle Tamer brush. “Anybody that know me” knows I love my Denman brush. It is a must in our lives for effective detangling and even distribution of products (see our detangling post here). Now the Tangle Tamer Denman brush is made especially for children. It has received rave reviews from Kandy Land Kurls and Hair of Heart . This brush worked amazing on both hair types!!

What are you waiting for?!?! Compete the Rafflecopter below to enter and win one of the above giveaways.

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Why you want to check out on this here Giveaway?? 2 words… FROTO SHOOT!

We couldn’t WAIT to do our Froto Shoot w/that fabulous Huffleblossoms flower bow. BBH had been rockin’ medium sized twists for a few weeks around Thanksgiving and I thought it would be the opportune time for her to rock a FABULOUS twist out. Yup. So before night night, I spritzed her hair with CARA B’s Hair Mist and patted some oil in. I then braided her twists in medium sections, rolled the ends with flexi-rods and covered her hair with a satin cap. Next AM, I took down all the braided sections and unraveled each twist, and…GLOREH! The bomb twist out. What I love about CARA B’s Hair Mist is that it adds instant shine with a bit of hold yet with supasoftness, leaving BBH’s hair feeling great. Think of it as your spray bottle mixture with a few drops of gel to boot. I find it compliments other brands as well and it has become one of our staples (so has the Shampoo/Body Wash and Body Lotion….and – OK, so we like the whole line!). Well, guess what? A full size bottle of CARA B Hair Mist is included in the CARA B Gift Basket in this week’s giveaway, EEK! Full size bottles of EVERYTHANG plus a soap bar lawd!!

Now onto this that haircandy by Huffleblossoms made by Mommy Rae of Tweeny Hair (see the Huffleblossoms Etsy Store too). OO La La La! BBH was rockin’ it something fierce!! I mean, what BBH would not represent in this joker?!?

Funky and fun, it makes that twist-out just POP, doesn’t it?!?! HHhhh, let me stop talking… Enter this here Week Three Giveaway for a chance to set your baby’s BIG HAIR off with delightful like products from our friends CARA B Naturally and Huffleblossoms. Then have your own Froto Shoot and send in those fabulous pics to for our fan page, Jeah! Giveaway ends 12:01 am, this Saturday, January 21, 2012. Enter now before its too late!!

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It’s Week 3 baybuh! And our giveaways just Keep Risin to the Top! While BBH says Give It All You Got, Give It All You Got! Jeah! What’s in store for you Hon? None other than one of our FAVE product lines *channels Oprah* CARA B NATURALLYYYYYYYY!! OWEEE! Yes, in the house lawd. MMhhmm. In this featured giveaway is their cutie patootie Gift Basket containing a full set of products in their existing line, AND a CARA B Naturally (CARA B) T-Shirt. WHAT?!?! Hhhhhh. I can’t stand it folks. “Anybody that know me”, knows I love me some CARA B, read our skincare review here and haircare reviews here and here. Trust, you will find at least one staple product in this gift basket ( a $60 value, eek!).

The Basket includes Shampoo/Body Wash, Leave-In Conditioner/Daily Moisturizer, Moisturizing Hair Mist, Body Lotion and Baby Bar Soap.  How is THAT for sampling?!?! And after that baby’s skin is looking all lovely like  and hair is set off something proper (or even yours while you playin!), BOW ‘DAT FRO with a phat nasty flower from Huffleblossoms.  You will LOVE this unique piece of haircandy featured on our blog last week, see review here.


This flower is secure with a felted alligator clip in the back. If your BBH is boy, no worries mommy. Just dedazzle that scarf and call it the day! Oh don’t sleep, trust.  Golly, what an amazing COMBO this week!  Many thanks to CARA B and Huffleblossoms for sponsoring. Check the ‘Copter lawd and gets to entering!

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Awhhhhhh Yeeeeah!! We’re still lovin’ on our BBH fam with Week 2 of this glorious BBH New Year Bash Giveaway.  What’s in store for you?  TWO Giveaways.

Giveaway 1
The first giveaway as promised in last week’s Blast, Mommy Thomasina of Books by Thomasina has sponsored her awesome character building book Mama, When Will I Be Popular.  

This book “encourages those who have wanted to “fit in” but are disappointed because they’re not.  A mom and daughter talk providing wisdom and hopefully a different outlook to the troubles of this little one’s life.”  See Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care’s recent review and’s interview with Ms. Thomasina for more insight on the book.  A great read while styling hair!! In addition, Mommy Thomasina will provide one of her FAVE hair products for her daughters’ BIG HAIR, Mizani’s D’Tangle.

A fabulous 3-color combo pack of Sidewinder Hairholders (See our review here), consisting of ten 2″ & six 1″ of each color, grape, violet & clear, a $35 value.  Somebody’s ’bout to set it off!!

ENTER BELOW TO WIN!! The Rafflecopter will prompt you through the mandatory and optional entries.

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^^^ This is why you may wanna enter this here giveaway

Cuz Beautiful Curls Activating Curl Creme, which is part of the gift set, can set it off like THAT (mini-2 strand twists, post coming forthwith)!!

Owee!! And with this fabulous “Double Bow” by BellyFruit Yarn?

PLEASE!! Bedda get on this giveaway train hon!! See the goodies in detail and enter this week’s BBH Bash Giveaway featuring Beautiful Curls and BellyFruit Yarn HERE. Check out our Beautiful Curls Review here that features the some of the products in the sponsored gift basket. Now gets to likin’, not much time left!!

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Woot Woot!! EEEK! Its 2012 baby and we’re kickin’ off a little something like dis!! We heart our fam and while we can’t bless all ya’ll somebody sho’gonna feel good after this weeks fabulous giveaway! Get it right and tight with this here glorious Beautiful Curls (BC) Curl Activating Basket filled with Curl Activating products. You already know how we are lovin’ this stuff from our review earlier this year. DO NOT SLEEP.

And what better way to show off your fabulous results from your BC products than with this awesome hair treat from BellyFruit Yarn.
This one of a kind piece will be sure to get some double takes like wha?!?!. MMhhmm.. It’s completely adjustable for any size BBH. What are you waiting for? Get in it so you can win it!

Here’s how to enter (mandatory):

  1. “LIKE” our Facebook page
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Optional entries:
       1. Tweet about this giveaway (every)
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Mornings Ya’ll!!  Hope the holiday weekend was lovely w/friends and fam!!! It’s holiday hair share time.  What did we do (drum roll..)?  Curlformers!!!  That’s right. After seeing how these lovelies worked on Lil’Boo of Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care I HAD to get my hands on some to review and at last I did (thank you Curlformers!!).  Let’s get to it, shall we?

First, let me preface this entire post by saying I totally goofed on the size (got extra long and wide).  BBH’s hair is long for her age, but  regular long and narrow or wide Curlformers would’ve done  the job just fine. BUT,  BBH wore them like a champ and now we have Curlformers for life as her hair will only get longer!!  Ok.  Review and reveal time:

Extra Wide and Long Curl Formers Kit

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BOO-YA!!  We hit  our  5k FB Fans/Followers mark and we’re kicking off this last leg of giveaways with a something spectactular!!  An original, one of a kind “Lookz Like Me” Doll ($50 value).  Mommy PJ cranks these beauties out something fierce!!  We first came across this lovely blog while in the process of featuring Mommy PJ’s little cutiepie guy “NJ” as a Blast.  I fell IN LOVE with her dolls!!  Been waiting for a grip to partner with her on something special and that time is NOW!  First, a little something about PJ and her “Lookz Like Me” dolls (from the “LLM” Blog):

I’m a stay at home wife and mom to a very active two year old. I have always enjoyed sewing, crafting and designing. Making dolls has been a great way to incorporate all three. It has been so much fun creating “little people”. Family and friends have encouraged me to create a blog to show my creations. So here it is! I hope you enjoy the blog and if you like what you see, I would love for you to subscribe.

Awesome Sauce!! Now just look at that dolly!!!  OHGAAAAA!!!  Isn’t she lovely?!?!? See more pics of her here. HHhhhhhhhhh.  I kinda want her:/…. Uhp! GIVEAWAY CANCELLED!!  LOL!  I just playin. Like it?  Love it?   Just enter the Rafflecopter form below that will prompt you through mandatory and optional entries (please see Terms and Conditions).  One winner will be randomly selected. Many thanks to Mommy PJ for this one of a kind Giveaway!!

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