Bonjour!!  Sooooooo excited to have the opportunity to review and share with you the new kids line by Carol’s Daughter (CD) “CD4 Kids”.  EEEEEEK!  It’s been a grip lawd since our last review so Baby Big Hair and I were looking forward to it.   We were provided with a package of  CD4 Kids Detangler, Shampoo and Conditioner. Yup. Noice! BBH had been rocking our signature protective style, all over 2 strand twists, for about 5 weeks.   So the timing could not have been more PERFECT. Alrighty then, let’s get right to it, shall we?!? First, a little something about Carol’s Daughter for those who may not be familiar with this reputable line of hair and body products (from the CD website):

Carol’s Daughter has been known for its natural beauty products for more than 20 years.
Each hair, skin and body indulgence collection is infused with rare ingredients that bring out 
your natural beauty.

 Hear Lisa tell her story in her own words….

Don’t you just love passionate people!?!?!  Hhhhhhh….

The CD Mission (from the CD website):

cd4 kids our-mission

Delightful like!  And now….

REVIEW TIME!!! (and watch our CD4Kids video review here or view at the end of this post!)

 *This post is my honest and unbiased opinion. The subject products were provided to Baby Big Hair with no incentive to offer a favorable review; however,  the related youtube video is commission based*

(see ingredients list here):

*Disclaimer*  Note BBH’s hair had been in a protective style for 5 weeks.  Product was not used on freshly washed hair or even damp hair.

  • Price: $12.00 for 8.5 fl. oz. bottle. This is consistent with other natural organic hair care products, maybe a few dollars more(?).  Little goes a long way
  • Smell: SupaLight smell.  Not at all overwhelming
  • Consistency: clear liquid, touch of cloudiness.  Light midst pump

I started with spraying  a few twists at a time and separating each twists with my fingers.  I then further separated the hair, taking extra care where hair was locking.  Her twists were successfully removed and detangled with plenty product left to spare.  Not a lot of slip mind you, but it got the job done. See for your self:

20140109-235306.jpg^^^BIG HAIR!!!!^^^

CD4KIDS SHAMPOO (see ingredients list here):

  • Price: $12.00 for 8.5 fl. oz. bottle. Again, for my product junkies out there, this is consistent with other natural organic hair care products.  You do not need to have a heavy hand with this, a little goes a long way
  • Smell: Supalight pleasant smell
  • Consistency: Clear and thick

After sectioning off her hair (cuz I awhhlwayz wash her hair in sections lawd – shoooo….thats a lot of HUR!  LOL!), I wet her hair and applied.  Good amount of lather and the shampoo felt moisturizing in her hair.  Similar to the Detangler, not a lot of slip, but moisturizing while cleansing her hair.  As noted we had 5 weeks of product piled onto her hair. This shampoo left her hair feeling very clean and there was no build up left on the scalp.
20140110-000807.jpg*BIG HAIR Tip – Wash hair in sections to minimize tangles during the process

 CD4KIDS CONDITIONER (see ingredients list here):

  • Price: $12.00 for  an 8 fl. oz. tube. Consistent with other  natural organic hair care products out there.  Quarter size amount will do for each section.
  • Smell: SupaLight pleasant smell
  • Consistency: Very creamy and thick

I applied the conditioner to her freshly washed hair.  Instructions were to leave in hair for 3-5 minutes then rinse, but as noted above, I do everything in sections and I like to let conditioner “set” in the hair.  Prolly had conditioner in her hair for good 20 minutes or so.  While working thru, I further detangled her hair where needed. Some slip, just enough to make it easy to work thru. I rinsed out with no residue on her hair or scalp.
20140110-000817.jpgAhhhhh, my baby’s curl pattern #haircrush



The smell of all three products is very faint and light and I did not have to use a TON of product to get the job done (THANKYA!).  How many of us know how essential that is when making such an investment on BIG HAIR (can my product junkies say AMEN?!?!?  The Shampoo cleansed really well the first go ’round and didn’t strip her hair.  I really like how the  Shampoo and Conditioner were easy to rinse out of her hair. BIG HAIR hair types need gentle products that do not build up, word.  Now turn to your neighbor and say “It doesn’t build up”!  MMm-hey! Yaaaaaasssss!


I just need a little more slip lawd.   While the Detangler and Conditioner certainly get the job done, both could use a tad more slip, especially for all that BIG HAIR.   The Conditioner is moisturizing, but is not a “Leave-In” (*disclaimer* nor does CD hold it out to be), which BBH’s hair has gotten accustomed to over the years.  Not necessarily a con, just noting the Conditioner does not function like a ‘Leave-In’.  If you like to condition prior to applying a Leave-In, this may work well for you.


I really like the Shampoo (very rich and clarifying). And the Detangler and Conditioner certainly get the job done, but I was left feenin’ for a “Leave-In” and/or styling product. Hopefully, those are in the works!!!  A defining creme or gel would be a nice addition to the line too. I will say BBH’s hair was SUPAsoft after washing and conditioning and the styling products I did use (although a different brand) attached to her hair like BUTTAH.  I can see this line working really well on its own for medium to loose curl types or for oily hair types that need a good cleanser and/or conditioner that leaves -0- residue in the hair.  For more reviews on various hair types search the #cd4kids hashtag in social media.  Note, Carol’s Daughter is sold online and at its stores (see store locator here), select Macy’s, Sephora and Ulta stores.  See if CD4Kids is for you.  Many thanks to Carol’s Daughter for the opportunity to  review and  share CD4Kids with our readers and followers.


 Go’Head Baby!

***PS, click below to see these products  (and Baby Big Hair:)) in action…


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GAAAAAA!   Stephanie of Pocketful of Rosies sent us this AMAZING headband to review.  I was ecstatic!!  I absolutely ADORE the modern-meets-vintage appeal of all her pieces (hair accessories and jewelry that will make you swoon…).   I couldn’t wait to plop that purdy lil’ thang in BBH’s hair!!  SUPACUTE!!  But first,  a lil’something about Mommy Stephanie and Pocketful of Rosies (from the POR website): Continue reading →

Yee-Yeah!  How’s it fro’in ya’ll?? OK, so one of our BBH parents posted about Curls Unleashed by Organic Root Stimulator on our FaceBook Wall wondering if I was familiar with it (shout out to Mommy Gretchen!).  Well, I was not and put it on my “to try” product junkie list.  I’m already a fan of the Organic Root Stimulator Replenishing Pak. Sure enough that  following weekend while taking a walk about in Walgreens (lawd I can never walk in, get what I need and be out,  HHhhhhhh..the devil) and there it was just begging for someone to take it home. Continue reading →

So, from last week’s Product Review post featuring Hair Love by Curly Canadians, you already know how I feel.  Stuff is reeeal grrrreat!  I was able to maintain BBH’s twist out for a few days using the Hair Love.  I read about Beads Braids and Beyond’s braided roots and twist style she recently did on her daughter (look but come back ya’ll, LOL!) and I thought what a great way to maintain twist outs!!  See, I love the wave pattern from braids, but I get the best “out” finishes on her ends w/twists; GAAA, PERFECT!  So I rubbed a little “Hair Love” in my hands and gently braided her twist “outed” hair (is that a word?) in large sections and twisted the ends for a nice clean finish like so:

Check out these chunkeh monkehs!!

We covered overnight with our satin cap.  Next am, we had this!


 *Does dance and lap around styling chair*  Her twist out was elongated and looked fuller each time we did this.  MMhmmm… Slap in a bow and you’re good to go! EEEK!!

Go’Head Baby!

OOO-to-the-WEEEE! Trust me when I say I was supastoked when I was given the opportunity to review this FABULOUS African Queen dress by Little Tickle Boutique. I about squealed when I got the message. I remember like yesterday seeing a pic of that bad boy in my FB newsfeed, I went off! Well, Mommy Laura contacted me weeks later with the opportunity to review it and of course I said YES TO THE DRESS!! And now that we have it, we just heart, Heart, HEART IT!! The print is to die for!! Let’s get to it shall we?!?! EEEK! Here is a little something about Mommy Laura and Little Tickle Boutique (LTB) from the LTB Etsy Store:

My name is Laura, I am the designer and creator of the custom made clothing here in my shop. I get my inspiration from my sweet children, Victor and Sophia. I love to create items that are not only for special occasions but also comfy enough for daily trips to the park, daycare, or visit to grandmas house… I hope you find something special for your little love.

Awhhh! We love mommies doing their thing! Don’t the babies inspires us all?!?!?


Well first things first, I’ve got to share how this beauty came to us. Ya’ll know I am a sucker for some cute packaging. One can only imagine how excited I was to open my package to see this:

Game over!!! LOL! just playin’. But I did manage to perfectly slide the dress out from the ribbon for BBH try it on for size and totally repackaged it; issues, I know… Just thought this was a really nice touch. The back of the card briefly addresses garment care. Now let’s see what we have here:

African Queen Dress

      • Price: $29.99 plus shipping
      • Available Sizes/Fit: 6 months to 6 years. Note – dress was true to size. Not too short, not too long, neckline and sleeves were PERFECT!
      • Quality: Very good. Nice clean hem lines and sturdy cotton material.
      • Durability/Care Instructions: Very sturdy fabric. Does not wrinkle easily. My guess is that’s 100% cotton. Garment should be washed on gentle cycle in cold water, inside out.
      • Versatility: Very versatile. It’s casual enough to pair with sandals but fancy enough for tights and little patent shoes. Has that church-eat-play factor where you dont feel the need to pack extra clothes for the day.

Seriously? This dress is SUPACUTE! BBH was so excited to wear it. She likes it because “it’s a Baby Big Hair with LIPSTICK”, lol! I love how from a distance it looks like a modern flower pattern, but as you approach it, BAM! BIG HAIR!! How fitting for any BBH!! She twirled, she jumped, she was just comfortable in it all day long. Note the contrasting sleeves, which is a nice touch and a bit unexpected. We received many compliments on Easter and while out and about on our FROTO shoot. EEEK! I LOVE THIS DRESS!!

African Queen Bow

      • Price: To be determined (see below)
      • Available Sizes/Fit: Made to order. We wanted ours BIG, and I mean BIG, and that’s how we got it lawd!
      • Quality: Good. Even though I ripped that sucker open to remove the batting, it still held its shape.
      • Durability/Care Instructions: Same as above.
      • Versatility: Very versatile. Wear it, or don’t wear it! Fluff it up, or wear it relaxed. Plop it on top of BIG HAIR or off to the side.

OHGAAA! Ok so there is a back story here. When we received the dress, I was immediately IN LOVE! But within 24 hours I was craving a bow. Then one morning, I literally woke up thinking about a BIG BOW for all that BIG HAIR! I just couldn’t shake it, so I emailed Laura with my request. And she obliged!! I about fell out when I saw the pic she sent when it was completed (see below pic). Initially she had some batting in it to make it fuller, but with all this BIG HAIR going on over here, I decided to remove it as you see in the above pic (note openings where I took the batting out). Here it is as it was originally made…

It also came with a barrette type clasp in the back, but I removed that as well as you’ll note in the above pic. I thought a headband would be more versatile. I simply glued felt to the back and left an opening so I could slide the bow into position as needed on a slim headband.

In Summary
We LOVE this dress and bow. The print is fabulous for obvious reasons and the dress design is nice, classic and comfy. Baby Big Hair felt like a queen in her Queen dress. OWEEE! Dont miss the upcoming FROTO shoot!! Please be sure to stop by Little Tickle Boutique’s FaceBook Page and tell her we sent you!! Until then, Little Tickle Boutique…

Go’Head Baby!