**UPDATE- COUPON NO LONGER VALID** A while back I was contacted by Ms. Denise Jackson of Its Perfectly Natural (IPN) to review her line of products. I’ve been tearing it up ever since!! Let me first say that Ms. Jackson is a sweet as pie and such a pleasure to work with.  She is very passionate about hair care and her products. Her motto is “Necessity gives birth to creation.”  She herself was natural a with excessive hair loss and “needed relief.. FAST”, thus her line of products.   I just heart anyone that is walking in their true passion.   This review consist of IPN’s 2 most popular products, Replenish and Turn Me Loose Leave In Conditioner/Detangler.  Well, lets get right to it shall we?

From the It’s Perfectly Natural website:

At It’s Perfectly Natural we try to stay as close to nature as possible so we never use harsh ingredients that will strip your hair of moisture or nutrients. We do not “whip” our products with air during processing so what you get is thick, rich healthy hair products that will help you to cleanse, condition, grow and moisturize your natural hair.


Replenish/PreWash Treatment

Ingredients: Organic Shea , Coco and Avocado Butters, Botanically Infused Oils, Silk Amino Acids, Honey Quat, Castor Oil, Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Peppermint oil, Lavender, Vitamin E , Special Blend Of Herbs, Natural Preservative

  • Price: $10.00 for 4oz. tub. This price seems high but a little product goes a long way.  I’ve used this more than any other IPN product for months and I still have more than half left.
  • Smell: Not super strong, but very distinct.  Just “all natural smelling”, best I can describe it.
  • Consistency:  This is a solid product that melts in your hand, much like shea butter.

I used this on BBH’s hair the night before hairwashing day.  Because it is solid, I was a bit surprised at the slip I was getting.  It was very easy to detangle her hair with my fingers.  It kinda acts like a butter on contact, just melts away.  Her hair was well moisturized and had lots of sheen.  I’ve song the praises of this product most recently in our Mini-Twists Take Down, Hair Trimming  and Jumbo Ghana Plaits posts, EEK!  The added slip also made the shampoo process easier.

Turn Me Loose Leave-In Conditioner /Detangler.

Ingredients: Organic Aloe Juice, Castor Oil, Vitamin E, Vegetable Glycerin, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Pro-Vitamin B5, Meadow foam Oil , Black Willow Bark Extract, Rosemary and Neem Oil, Natural Preservative

  • Price: $9 for 4 fl. oz. bottle.  This could get pricey for BIG HAIR, see below.
  • Smell: Light fresh clean smell on the lemony side.
  • Consistency:  Lotion type of consistency, but very light on contact with hair, which I REALLY like.

I applied this to her hair after shampooing.  When I say I applied this, I mean the entire bottle!!  OWEE this child has some BIG HAIR!  At first I was spraying but eventually I took the top of and placed the product in the palm of my hand and applied to her hair that way. I was able to detangle quite easily with by fingers and wide toothed comb. I really liked it. I applied in sections and placed into large knots.  Her hair was so fresh and so clean-clean and ready for styling:)

In Summary:

Loving these all natural products.  The Replenish goes a  looooooooong way.  And I’m talking a looooong way.  I’ve used this for months on all that BIG HAIR and still have more than half.  Me likey.  I also love the fact that I can prep her hair for washing without it looking filmy. So I dont have to wait until the night before hairwashing day to apply.   TRUST, little things like that simplfy my life.  Turn Me Loose was great too (I just love that name).  Not as much slip as my staple Leave-In – but mind you, our staple is not as natural/made from scratch as this line.   I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was for me to detangle.

Turn Me Loose could’ve come in a gallon with a handle, LOL!  That is BIG HAIR for you, LOL!  The 4 oz bottle I was given to review was completely gone by the end of our 1st hairwashing:(  If your baby has little BIG HAIR you may find the 4 oz bottle more lasting. BUT please note, this product does come in an 8 oz bottle for $17.00, so  you can ‘turn it loose’ liberally on that BIG HAIR:)

Overall, very pleased with the above products  Of the two, Replenish is my FAVE due to how it nourishes her hair AND it lasts fo’DAYZ!!! And it gets better.  Ms. Denise has been gracious enough to offer our BBH readers 20% OFF lawd – OWEE!!  That’s right.  20% off your entire order.  I highly suggest you put that there Replenish at the top of your order list.

HOW TO ACTIVATE YOUR 20% OFF COUPON (Offer ends 4/25):

Click and Cut-n-Paste Me!!

  • Go to the It’s Perfectly Natural Store 
  • Check out the Store and get your order ready
  • Email your order and the above coupon (cut and paste) to itsperfectlynatural@gmail.com (click the coupon to email)
  • Enjoy your discounted product!!

EEK!  We are so delighted to present these products and discount offer to you!!  Many thanks to Ms. Denise and her ever so “perfectly natural” line, It’s Perfectly Natural, Jeah!

Go’Head Baby!!
*Baby Big Hair was given the above products free of charge and with no incentive to offer a favorable review*

EEEK! Rae of one of our fave blogs, Tweeny Hair, sent us the most AMAZING haircandy to “Frotoshoot” and Giveaway. Good lawd where do I start?!?! Uhmmm, duct tape. YUP, her Huffleblossoms flowers are made from supacute buttons and decorative DUCT TAPE, what in da’ wurl?! She also sells fabulous fabric flowers with similar button details. What I love about Huffleblossoms is that-ever-so-slight-edge of funkiness to them. This cheetah print and hot pink flower is no different. Look at that 80’s hot pink, the divalicious print, all perfectly cut and wrapped into a delicious 12 petaled bow, then topped with the funkiest mama-have-you-seen-my-puffy-jacket black and gold button. WHAT IS THAT?!?! Well let’s get to it shall we?

Huffleblossoms Duct Tape Flower


Price: $5 – $6.50 per flower or set
Durability: Practically indestructible due to the material.
Handling: Very nice. Extremely sturdy bow with felt covered alligator clip in the back. #stayputfabulousness

We LOVE this!! Had us a good ‘ol time taking pictures (more to come next week). BBH felt right and tight rockin’ that joker. Not once did the bow fall from her hair. I just love the POP of color and that funky button!!! And the duct tape is just genius! Sturdy and easy to wipe/clean?!?! Hhhhhhh. Lawd I want this BOW FOR KEEPS!!! Ugh, I am so SIC to give this away!!! But I do take solace in knowing one lucky reader will be veddy veddy happy:) That’s right folks. This here purdy Huffleblossom will be featured in next week’s BBH New Year Bash Giveaway (Week Three, see spoiler here). But no worries, Huffleblossoms are reasonably priced with some being sold as sets. So you can always pluck one up for your BBH at anytime, Jeah!

You can find the amazing Huffleblossoms Collection on Etsy (including the fabric flowers) or check out the Huffleblossoms Facebook Page. Might as well gets to “Likin” and get a jump on your giveaway entry, jus’sayin. In the meantime, EEK! We heart these fabulous bows. Owee, Huffleblossoms…

Go’Head Baby!!

Owee!  Excited indeed!!  You prolly peeped our upcoming giveaway spoiler  yesterday and saw those purdy purdy sidewinder holders. Now I’ve  seen these used by many of our favorite bloggers and have always been interested about them. If you notice, I really don’t put a lot of anything in BBH’s hair. I think it’s because I don’t like to commit to colors for fear they won’t “match” her outfit on any one given day (*queue music* These are my Confessions…). So what intrigued me about Sidewinders is how easy they are to put in and remove, and well, they’re just different. Let’s hop to it, shall we? Continue reading →

Mornings Ya’ll!!  Hope the holiday weekend was lovely w/friends and fam!!! It’s holiday hair share time.  What did we do (drum roll..)?  Curlformers!!!  That’s right. After seeing how these lovelies worked on Lil’Boo of Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care I HAD to get my hands on some to review and at last I did (thank you Curlformers!!).  Let’s get to it, shall we?

First, let me preface this entire post by saying I totally goofed on the size (got extra long and wide).  BBH’s hair is long for her age, but  regular long and narrow or wide Curlformers would’ve done  the job just fine. BUT,  BBH wore them like a champ and now we have Curlformers for life as her hair will only get longer!!  Ok.  Review and reveal time:

Extra Wide and Long Curl Formers Kit

Continue reading →

I sang the praises of the Wide Tooth Detangling Comb (#2) by Beautiful Curls (BC), in yesterday’s product review. Now the Double-Sided Detangling & Parting Comb shall have its due. First, I’d like to restate from our initial BC hair products review that I love BC’s strive for fine products and its community empowerment projects “aimed at alleviating poverty and advancing gender equality.” You can read more about it here. Note these beautifully crafted wooden combs are made from a local sustainable source. Basically for my green folks, it’s all good. In addition, BC claims these combs ‘will last for years with proper care’, which I do not doubt for a hot second. Well, lets get to it shall we?

Double-Sided Detangling & Parting Comb (#3)

BC’s Claim:

  • Distributing oils evenly throughout your hair
  • Reducing static electricity
  • Preventing split ends
  • Massaging and stimulating the scalp
  • Reducing stretching and breaking of hair

Price: $25.00
Durability: Craftmenship (again) is INCREDIBLE. Very strong comb with massaging like teeth. The parting tip is AWESOME!
Handling: Glorious. This comb will sing to your BBH’s hair AND part it like the Red Sea. Just strrrrrike the comb and aim, LOL! Ok, that’s going too far, but the parting is delightful like:)

All jokes aside. I can not stress how stankin’ beautiful these combs are, OHGAAAAA! I feel like a musician with a rare instrument, like I need to put them in a safe somewhere and save it for prom or BBH’s wedding day, smh… Do I just have issues or is this NOT a piece of art?
mmMMM! Man that is comb if i ever saw one. Alright now, lets see this beast in motion. I initially used the comb to detangle knots in BBH’s hair prior to detangling with Comb #2. You know those knots that make you keep side eyeing your shears? Yeah, had some of those. But thanks to that parting tip, I was able to detangle them with a little bit of focus. Check it…

Very much like detangling your fav necklace with a needle. As far as parting, this comb certainly gets the job done. BBH’s hair was already detangled and well moisturized. I decided to put her hair is large box braids to get me thru the rest of the week ’till hairwashing day. No rocket science here, I simply slid the parting tip against her scalp to section off as desired…

I gently worked the comb upward to further separate the hair into sections. Now the length of the parting section of the comb is lovely when you are working with BIG HAIR; you don’t have to stop and realign as much. Here’s the resulting part:

Veddy, veddy nice! Of course the parting tip is accompanied by a wide tooth and finer tooth comb. After parting, I simply combed thru her hair w/the wider tooth side of the comb to ensure her hair remain detangled and then worked the finer toothed side to redistribute the products. The wide tooth side is very similar to Comb #2 but not quite, comb #2’s teeth are slightly more rounded, gliding just a tad more, but not much, and the comb itself has more curvature. Whereas, Comb #3 is flat. But trust, both are really good for detangling.

I feel like a BIG girl with this comb. I’m sure glad my mom didn’t have one of these when I was younger, and if anybody had any form discipline growing up, you know exactly what I mean. Shoooo, it’s durable too?!?! Can last for years!?! Yeah…thank ya lawd!! But on the real tip, parting with this comb is really good. Not quite the precision of a metal rat tail comb, but the best precision out of all the other ‘tail’ style combs I’ve used. Plus I’ve always had ‘one eye’ on that metal tail, concerned that BBH would make a wrong move one day. As such, very happy to have this comb in our life. Again, craftmanship is STELLAR. Also LOVE the concept of the 3 part comb. It’s everything you need in the battle against detangling. Parents, grab your weapons, HA! Did I mention how beautiful the comb is?

I think it comes along with the territory of the unique design of this comb, not to mention my small hands, but the comb can get heavy when doing a lot of parting in one sitting, such as small box twists or braids. And the length of the comb, a little over 12 inches, takes some getting used to. But all well worth it, just call it your ‘hair work out’ and keeps it movin’.

You can find more information on Comb #3 here, and if you missed it check out our review on Comb #2 here.

In summation, these combs are WINNING, ok?!? I cannot wait to see them age and was ecstatic to learn I can deep condition them with BC’s Deep Conditioning Treatment and Sculpting Wax hair products, both of which we already have (see our review on the Wax and more BC products here). Love it!! It’s like waiting for Louis Vuitton handles (real or AAA fake) to turn that beautiful honey blonde, EEK! Trust, the entire BC Comb line is a dream. I simply cannot convey and thank Beautiful Curls enough for sending them to Baby Big Hair to review (and releasing them from the vault, LOL!) . Pleasure was truly ours. Beautiful Curls Combs #2 and #3…

Go’Head Baby!

EEEEK! Now “anybody that know me” knows I love me some Beautiful Curls (BC). Check out our BC Review from earlier this year. I happen to come across their combs while perusing their website one day and fell in SWOON with the detangling combs. OOWEEE they are BEAUTIFUL!!!! OHGAAAAAAA! I contacted BC to inquire about them. Next thing I know I had two beautifully crafted wooden combs in my hand. These are truly a work of art folks. Well let’s get to it shall we?

Comb #2 – Wide Tooth Detangling Comb with Handle

BC’s Claim:

  • Distributing oils evenly throughout your hair
  • Reducing static electricity
  • Preventing split ends
  • Massaging and stimulating the scalp
  • Reducing stretching and breaking of hair

Price: $17.00
Durability: Craftmenship is INCREDIBLE. Very strong comb with massaging like teeth.
Handling: Glorious. This comb will sing to your BBH’s Hair

BBH had rocked a twist out for a few days from wearing her hair in twists for a at least 2 weeks. Normally I would finger detangle her hair a bit, separating as I go etc. NOT SO MUCH with this comb. I noticed it glided with ease in her hair. Check it. But first, lets get a close up on those there teeth:

GLOREH! So pardon the picture overload, but I wanted to capture the fluid experience. Here is her hair as we started after gently detangling with hands and working out knots from a twist out she had been rocking for a few days, BTW we also use the Double-Sided Detangling & Parting Comb (BC Comb #3) to help detangle some knots. That will be Part II of this review.

Here begins our journey. I took the comb and gently worked thru hair starting at the ends…
(apologies for the blurries)

After about 3 glidding strokes this is what we get…

Keep going (now mind you, we’re glidding folks, no pulling here)..


At last until her entire head was detangled. Introducing… BBH’s shrunken fro ya’ll!!

We sectioned off and re-moisturized for our next style…

BAM! We’re done. NOW the part that will take you outta here? It took me only 45 MINUTES TO DETANGLE THIS CHILD’S HAIR!! Now if THAT dont make you give Him praise, then dont read my dag’on blog, LOL! Jus’sayin. BUT if that truly does not impress you sweety, then try this…

That ^^^ is the the amount of hair (and gunk, sorry-we keeps it real, LOL!) we lost in this detangle session, mind you again, this is from BBH’s entire head of hair. O-O… I’m not saying anything else.

This comb is BEAUTIFUL, so well crafted. The teeth just glide thru her hair. I actually tried a dry section of her hair and it still worked! Detangle time was drastically cut down. Daddy BBH was in shock, like YOU DONE?!?!- yeah, like that. I am also impressed with light amount or hair shedding.

Mmm-NONE! Trust, you want this under the tree somewhere…

Learn more about this lovely comb here. Stay tuned for Part II of this comb(s) review when we break down the Double-Sided Detangling & Parting Comb (BC Comb #3). Until then…

Go’Head Baby!

As some of you know we recently reviewed hair products by CARA B Naturally (see review here). In that review I explained how Leave-In Conditioner / Daily Moisturizer left me wanting more slippage used as a leave-in. I wanted to give you all an update on its use a daily moisturizer. So let’s take it again from the top shall we??

CARA B Leave-In Conditioner / Daily Moisturizer (See ingredients list here)

  • Price: $13.00 for 8 fl oz.  This product doubles as a Leave’In Conditioner, so technically your getting 2 products for 1 (Genius!).
  • Smell: Very, very light, soft and fresh smelling. Again, baby powder and a vanilla or sugary sweet smell.
  • Consistency: It’s rich, creamy and not runny all.

As a daily moisturizer, this product is a DREAM. I first dampened her hair with the CARA B Hair Mist (see review here). Look at the these moisturized coils.  Again, a little surprised at the definition we were getting, given these aren’t curl defining products.  This picture is prior to detangling a section of her hair…

This is a picture after working the daily moisturizer through and detangling her hair.  Can you imagine the softness? It’s truly delightful like!!

OK. So smoothing is just ridiculous, check it…

What in da world?!?! OOWEE! Let’s look at this again… It’s like budda’baby!

Here’s our remix style.  Braided twist ponies w/criss-cross into a high ponytail with loose twists. 

Jeah Boyee!!

In Summary

Big Ups
LOVIN’ this product as a daily moisturizer and I’ve been on a hunt for a good one for a hot minute. Smoothing is fantastic. When used in conjunction with the Hair Mist, her hair stays moisturized all day (meaning I did not have to reapply at night for the next day) if not for a few days. Being that this product is light, it doesn’t really build up like other products I’ve used, which is another plus.

*crickets*  This gets the job done for us as a daily moisturizer.  Me likey a LOT!

Go’Head Baby!

p.s.  See our CARA B Naturally skincare review, for great skincare products for your BBH:)

Ok, for those of you who are aware of our recent CARA B Naturally (CARA B) skincare review, then you know we are very excited to try the hair product line.  Cuz “anybody that know me” knows I love me some hairproducts.. OK?!?  Well, we had some amazing results on BBH’s skin with CARA B skincare line (heck I’m using it myself now, LOL!), and are really pleased with the company as a whole with regard to its mission and natural product certification, naturally:)   Here’s a quick recap from our CARA B  skincare review:


First and foremost, CARA B products (except for 1) are “Certified Natural skin and hair care for ethnically diverse babies and children.” By certified they mean the Natural Products Association (www.npainfo.org). Those folks set the standard. CARA B products are free of parabens, petrolatum, sulfates, and other chemicals and have no artificial colors or fragrances. A BIG plus for sensitive skin BBH’s out there.

CARA B believes “our children’s skin and hair is naturally beautiful and should be treated as such“ and their slogan is “Children Are Always Beautiful, Naturally“, thus the acronym “CARA B” in CARA B Naturally (supacute!). They also have initiatives such as Giving Back, Naturally, a program dedicated to “partnering in the health and well-being of babies and children in our local communities.”  Well, let’s dig in shall we?

Review Time

Once again, gotta give the cutie patootie packaging its due.   Pretty stankin’ cute.  I LOVE the extra touch. I’m so BIG on packaging!!!  Golly.

(Although products were provided to Baby Big Hair for this review, I was not compensated to provide my personal opinion on CARA B products.)

To prep for hairwashing, I pre-pooed BBH’s hair as usual, but with the CARA B Leave-In Conditioner / Daily Moisturizer mixed with a little olive oil.  Sectioned the hair off and called it the evening.

CARA B Shampoo/Body Wash  (see ingredients list here, also see review as a Bodywash here)

  • Price: $11.00 for 8 fl. oz. bottle. This is consistent with other natural organic hair care products, BUT this product is certified natural which is a huge plus.
  • Smell: Very, very light, soft and fresh smelling. A baby powder meets vanilla or sugary sweet smell.
  • Consistency:  Not super light, but far from thick. Almost transparent.  Like vanilla extract w/a light corn syrup consistency.

Similar to using as a Bodywash, the lather as a shampoo is really good.   Cleanses really well.  Took only a few washings to remove product from hair. I like the product due to its lightness and cleaning performance.  And of course, I love the smell!

CARA B Leave-In Conditioner / Daily Moisturizer (See ingredients list here)

  • Price: $13.00 for 8 fl oz.  This is a $1 more than our current staple Leave-In Conditioner, but CARA B’s doubles as a daily moisturizer, so technically your getting 2 products for 1 (Genius!).
  • Smell: Same as the Shampoo/Body Wash – very, very light, soft and fresh smelling. Again, baby powder and a vanilla or sugary sweet smell.
  • Consistency: Its rich and creamy, kind of like the CARA B Body Lotion but not quite as thick.  Its not runny all.  I would say its comparable to a styling milk, but on the thicker side.  Best I can describe it.

I applied the  the product to each section, working my fingers through.  Now BBH has a TON of hair and slippage is key for us for easy detangling.  This product, though moisturizing,  did not have enough slip.  I compensated for this by applying more product, but  never got the slip I wanted.  But I was successfully able to work the product through all the sections with a wide tooth comb …

CARA B Moisturizing Hair Mist  (See ingredients list here)

  • Price: $10.00 for 8 fl oz. For what it did for BBH’s hair (below).  Well worth it.
  • Smell: Same as the Shampoo/Body Wash – very, very light, soft and fresh smelling. Again, baby powder and a vanilla or sugary sweet smell.
  • Consistency: Water based of course.  Reminds me of coconut water…
AHA!  Now that’s what I’m talking about.  This product gave me the slip I was looking for, not crazy slippage, but definately slippage.  I would say its comparable to my spray bottle mixture of water and leave’in conditioner (sans oil).  I’m thinking I should have sprayed her hair  with this 1st prior to applying the leave’in just for the added slippage for easier and quicker detangling. Alright now, we’re back in business baby!  I whipped out our modified Denmen brush to evenly distribute the products.  Oweee! Look at this lightweight definition!  Well HELLO CURLS! Totally didn’t expect that…


I then began to style her hair.  I opted not to do small twists this go’round and did simple twist ponies.  Her hair felt incredibly soft, like baby hair soft.  As I worked through her hair to style, I spritzed more of the Hair Mist to keep it wet and detangled.  Here are our results..
In Summary

This line of products is really light, not greasy, and left her hair incredibly soft. Like the skincare products, I am LOVIN’ the smell. Among the above three products I would have to say the Hair Mist is my favorite. Very good for detangling and styling  Her hair just hearts it and we could’ve used more of it. It’s really light has great shine and dries with just a tad of hold. I also love how the most commonly used products serve as dual functions (i.e. Shampoo/Bodywash and Leave-In Conditioner/Daily Moisturizer).  Ya’ll Product Junkies out there know exactly what I mean…

The Leave-In Conditioner did not have the slippage I like especially for the thicker portions of BBH’s hair.  I did notice that the finer portions of her hair detangled with ease.  Again,  in retrospect I would have sprayed her hair with the Hair Mist first to lay the ground work for the Leave-In.  That would have cut back on detangling time significantly.  I’m really anxious to try the Leave-In as a Daily Moisturizer on her dry hair.  I’ve been looking for a good “hair milk” for ages and it’s what had me curious about CARA B all this time.    Regarding the Hair Mist, I’d prefer it to be sold by the GALLON with a HOSE attached to it, LOL!!! Just ‘playin…  I’m jus’playin..  But trust,  I was doing massive “finger crunches” with that bottle to coat alllllll that BIG HAIR!  So, a nozzle that lets you alternate from “sprtiz”, “spray” and/or “stream” would be optimal.

All in all, good stuff folks. Think imma play around with this line a bit to find the “perfect combination”  for ultimate moisture and hold (*queue music* Perfect Combinationnnnnn, Hair plus CARA B! a Perfect Combination, we couldn’t ask for any betterrrrr!) LOL! I kill myself ~Let me stop typing…

Go’Head Baby!

**PS –  Check out another CARA B review from fellow blogger, Curly Hairdo Ideas, here.
*** PSS – CARA B is has gone BOGO!!  For a limited time, Buy 1 get 1 free + free shipping on orders over $25!!  If it were not so, I would have told you!! Get details at www.mycarab.com. Be Curly!

Remember the crickets I was hearing this year when asking about CARA B?  Well, I couldn’t take it anymore. I contacted the company and they were gracious enough to send us a sample package to review for our beloved BBH readers…GAAAAAAAAA!!!! Ok, Ok. So I am like SUPASYKED!! Let me back up. I first saw CARA B products at (where else?) Whole Foods earlier this Summer, about the same time I stumbled upon Queen Helene Royal Curl Products. In fact I took a snap shot I took at the store to remind myself to ask around about it.   Mmhhmmm. We’ve been using the skin care line for two weeks now and wanted to share our thoughts (hair care line post also coming soon-EEK!). Well, I won’t hold ya, lets get to it shall we??


First and foremost, CARA B products (except for 1) are “Certified Natural skin and hair care for ethnically diverse babies and children.” By certified they mean the Natural Products Association (www.npainfo.org). Those folks set the standard. For BBH we currently alternate between Burts Bees and Yes to Carrots skin care lines, both of which have certified natural products (some). So all is good, trust. CARA B products are free of parabens, petrolatum, sulfates, and other chemicals and have no artificial colors or fragrances. A BIG plus for sensitive skin BBH’s out there.

CARA B believes “our children’s skin and hair is naturally beautiful and should be treated as such” and their slogan is “Children Are Always Beautiful, Naturally“, thus the acronym “CARA B” in CARA B Naturally (supacute!). They also have initiatives such as Giving Back, Naturally, a program dedicated to “partnering in the health and well-being of babies and children in our local communities.”  So thumbs up on the CARA B  mission at large! Can all the BBH’s say Amen?  Shout out to those purdly lil’ BIG HAIRZ on the bottle!!  Alright now, lets go…


So, I must say getting this package was a bit like….Christmas! Like about the age of 6-8 type of eekness going on. As a closet crafter, I’d be remiss not to mention OR highlight the detail put into this cutie patootie packaging!!!!  Oh GAAAA!! Check it!

I recently put in BBH’s twists so I decided to dive into the skincare products first, and what a pleasant delight!

CARA B Shampoo/Body Wash (see ingredients list here)

  • Price: $11.00 for 8 fl. oz. bottle. This is about consistent with other natural organic skin care products. For peace of mind or if you are passionate about natural products. I say its worth it.
  • Smell: Very, very light, soft and fresh smelling. First thoughts that come to mind are baby powder and then vanilla or sugary sweet smell.
  • Consistency: Hhhmm. Like a thin hand soap? Not super light, but far from thick. Almost transparent.

Lather on this is good. I’ve learned from using other natural products that they don’t lather up foamy like other products with chemicals. But this does lather on the skin. BBH likes bubbles in her tub so I sparingly squeeze a less than half a bottle cap in and this is what I get. Nice fluffy bubbles that dissipate over time, naturally…

I also like the product in the bath water. Just makes the water feel really smooth and soothing. Again the smell is really nice and calming. What is really nice is that it does not leave film on her skin like some other products do, but her skin feels moisturized. You can simply rinse with water no scrubbing required (know what I mean?). Also, I notice those little scraps and bumps she gets from playing hard all day seem to heal up better. Oh, and I must add it is “tear free”.

CARA B BABY BAR SOAP (see ingredients list here)

*Just want to note this is the one product that is not certified by Natural Products Association, but it’s listed as “All Natural.”

  • Price: $10.00 for 3 bars
  • Smell: Same as the Shampoo/Body Wash – very, very light, soft and fresh smelling. Again, baby powder and a vanilla or sugary sweet smell.
  • Consistency: A basic bar of soap at first glance, but has a faint oily residue to it, but in a good “its loaded with moisture” kinda way. Not a super creamy soap sticking to your wash cloth or hands, but very moisturizing. I used the bar on BBH’s face in the post pic.

I really like this bar. It doesn’t lather as much as the shampoo/body wash. I mainly use it on BBH’s face to conserve it as much as possible, LOL! Here is the bar after 2 weeks use…

CARA B BODY LOTION (see ingredients list here)

  • Price: $13.00 for 8 fl. oz.
  • Smell: Again, baby powder and a vanilla or sugary sweet smell. The smell is consistent with the other skin products.
  • Consistency: Creamy and rich. You’d never have to worry about this spilling in a suit case or baby bag if you had to grab and go (trust, these things can happen).

Again, really like this. Just with any line of skincare products the lotion is the final layer and really does seal in the moisture (and that delicious smell!). We use about a dime to quarter size for her body and face after her bath. I love how soft my own hands feel after applying it. This is where we were on the Lotion (and the Shampoo/Body wash) after 2 solid weeks of use…

Lovin’ this line of skin care products for children. Totally softens and moisturizes the skin. The first thing I noticed was BBH does not look like she’s been “kickin’ flour” all day at the end of the day, LOL! Yes, no ashy legs, WHEW! And I just really like the pleasant smell of it all. Very faint but lovely. I’m sniffing my hands right now. YUMMY. Daddy BBH said it’s like a “gentle baby powder” smell. See…if it were not so, I would have told you! AND, I like that she thinks the little girl on the bottle looks like her (supadupacute!). Regarding price, it is comparable to the other all natural skin care lines we’ve used.

**Crickets**  Don’t really have any folks. It really is good stuff!

Me likey ALOT!  Stay tuned for our review on the CARA B haircare line, EEK!  ‘Till then…

Go’Head Baby!

At LAST!! Got my BBH back in her twists. It was a journey ya’ll, trust. I washed BBH’s her via our normal hairwashing routine, but due to time constraints, I couldn’t get busy with the twists like I wanted to. So I did a few quick ponies and ‘rope-a-doped’ them with box rope twists. BBH’s twists would have to wait for the next day. Now THAT is a first. I ALWAYS twist BBH’s newly washed hair….AHWLWAYZ!!!! HHHhhhhhh. It was actually a good thing because I was severally low on my staple Kinky-Curly‘s Knot Today Leave In Conditioner so I was in no position to put my weight on some twists anyway. So the next day, I carved out late afternoon to twist her hair. AND I was eager to try the Beautiful Curls Shea Butter & Coconut Hydrating Curl Oil I got at Whole Foods (remember my post? It was free, EEK!). This oil is hot off the press as its not even listed on the Beautiful Curls site yet, though I did find this press release. Ooweee! We’re on the cusp of something new fam!!

Now before I move on, let me just s’plain my relationship with Beautiful Curls (BC). I have courted BC products for a little over a year now. What I love most about the company is their strive for fine products and its community empowerment projects that are “aimed at alleviating poverty and advancing gender equality.” You can read more about it here. So you can feel good about your purchase every time, but trust, a little goes along way. I’ve worked with the same initial products I bought a year ago (uhm, shelf life is not an issue). If it were not so, I would have told you!! Now I’ve tried everything under the Curl Activating Curly to Kinky Hair line (they also have wavy to curly line for my less coily BBH’s) except the Shampoo. For the purposes of this post, I will review in detail 3 of my fav: the Shea Butter Curl Activating Cream, Shea Butter Curl Sculpting Wax and recently the Hydrating Curl Oil.

Now back to our regular scheduled program. I began to unravel the twisted ponies in BBH’s hair to detangle her hair. Looky here at this gorgeous twist out potential..

Here is her hair after further unraveling…. I love this girl’s hair MAN! OK?!?! Hhhhhhh.

Tools of choice to begin this well overdue twisting session? My triple threat combo: 1) Wide Tooth comb; 2) modified Denman brush; and 3) Spray water bottle filled with water and part Leave In conditioner (just shake!). See related detangling post. THIS time, I added a few good drops of the Beautiful Curls Shea Butter & Coconut Hydrating Curl Oil to the spray bottle mixture. Oowee, I LOVE the BC Hydrating Curl Oil. Lets take a closer look, shall we?


  • Price: Ehhh, its not cheap. $8.99 for a 4 fl oz bottle – BUT for the killer combo of the following ingredients into 1 product, you can’t beat it: Sesame Oil, Shea Leaf, Sunflower Oil, Shea Butter and Coconut oil, to name a few…
  • Smell: It’s strong folks, not even gonna lie. But if you add to your water/leave in mixture, it all but dissipates shortly after contact. It’s much stronger if you rub in your hands and directly apply to hair. I’m thinking if you have a supasensitive nose, you should definitely try it in a spray bottle.
  • Consistency: Not super light, but far from thick.
This oil worked wonders in my spray bottle mixture. I could tell I was getting good slippage from it. I used our wide toothed comb to work the mixture through her hair.

I barely put a dent in the bottle so truly a little drop will do ya. Next, I whip out my trusted BC Curl Activating Creme. “People Let Me Tell Ya’Bout my Be-e-st Friend!!” This right here is a staple product folks. Especially for twist styles. I use it by itself or in conjunction with Kinky-Curly‘s Tiny Twirls Styler for great hold and sheen (for like DAYZ). Lets go in for more detail…


  • Price: For what it does for us? Justifiably priced at $14.00 for an 8oz tub. PLUS, Whole Foods frequently has this product on sale. AND not to mention, a little goes well beyond a long way.
  • Smell: Light to Medium. Just kinda “hair product-ey” smelling. Not as strong or distinctive as the Hydrating Oil.
  • Consistency: A cross between yogurt and pudding. A very rich and smooth texture.
Ah yeah baby! Lets get to twistin’ up in this joint. I put a fingertip amount of the cream on each twist and blend it in with my Denman brush. Clumping is insane. This stuff is also good for defining BIG HAIR curls, but I like it for general styling the most. Anywho, I just started twisting away….
At the end of each twist, I use the Beautiful Curls Shea Butter Sculpting Wax to keep the twists from unraveling. Now this product you can use all over, but it’s a bit heavy for BBH’s hair, so I like to focus on her ends for extra protection. Lets take a closer look:
  • Price: $10.00 for a small 2oz tub (guess tub is the wrong word in this case, LOL!). Again, not cheap but as stated earlier above, Whole Foods frequently has this product on sale. AND not to mention, this too goes a long way; remember, I’ve had this for about a year. Let me also say these are Fair Trade Certified Shea products. In essence, you get what you pay for.
  • Smell: Light to Medium. Smells like Shea Butter. Again, not as strong or distinctive as the Hydrating Oil.
  • Consistency: Thick butter (real butter) like consistency, but melts away in the palm of your hand.

I really like this wax but trust, I will DROP IT LIKE HOTCAKES if anybody comes for my BC Curl Activating Creme! Just sayin’… Here is a pic of the wax applied to the ends of the hair, it’s like bu’dah baby!

Now for the BIG reveal and making a special guest appearance……

*Gasp* Is that a…a not-so-blasted cornrow?!?!? Why yes it IS!!!!

No please, no applause please…please stop..it’s too much..really…Thank you…Eh-Thankyouverymuch!

EEK! Many thanks to Charlotte of Charlotte’s Avenue for “Head Band” hairspiration on this one. She was killin’ those on her girls awhile back. Our head band consist of 3 cornrows. One large one starting from the left ear to the right and two smaller ones starting from the right ear towards the left stopping about 1/2 way. My initial idea was to create a flower effect in the front (#FAIL). NOT so hot, so I just carried the smaller braids over to the left and secured them with a band and the large braid I secured on the right to another twist to keep it flat, like so…

I feel like Hercules on that headband (Go me, It’s my birfday, I’m gonna cornrow like it’s my birfday!!) Alright folks. To wrap it up here (thanks for staying with me). Let me once again show some MAD love for Beautiful Curls as promised and stress again the line reviewed in this post (and on my own dime) is the “Curl Activating for Curly to Kinky Hair” line. The line for looser curls is called “Curl Enhancing for Wavy to Curly Hair.” They also have a line for babies and up called “Curl Nurturing.” By the time I fell into BC products, BBH’s hair had crossed over to “BIG HAIR” so never tried it, but based on the Curly to Kinky line, I would recommend it. Quick shout out to the Curl Activating Leave’In Conditioner that I often “pre-poo” with and the Deep Conditioning Treatment for Curly to Kinky Hair I’ve used on occasion (though it is a little too thick for her hair). Oh, and the Curl Reviving Tonic (for all hairtypes). These are all fine products, as I am sure the Shampoo is too, but in a line up, the Activating Creme and Sculpting Wax and Oil will never get too low up in this piece, as long as I am a twisting fool, LOL! Perhaps I’ll review those in a separate post to bring the BC love affair full circle.

Remember, get thee to Whole Foods. They have BC products on sale frequently. They may even have a few sample packets which got me hooked in the first place. Whew! This has to be the longest post I’ve done EVER!! See, my product junky issues = your gain:) Yay! OO- Have you seen my cornrows yet; SAY WHA?!?!

Go’Head Baby!