stretched hair

Came across these photos from my 1st attempt to ‘Thread’ BBH’s hair after reading a post about it on Beads, Braids, & Beyond’s site via its guest blogger Aisha (now THAT Mommy has mad skills; seriously).  As you can see, threading gets the job done when it comes to stretching hair. I was, and still am amazed at the length; it really is insane. Threading is a great alternative to ‘Banding’, which for BBH, takes much longer to dry and does not stretch her hair nearly as much.  Plus, with parts, its a style if it’s own, looking very much like twists.  Pros are, well, you can see for yourself.  The cons are you can really damage the hair if you tie the base too tight and/or the threading can come undone by the end of the day.  As to the latter, practice makes perfect; I’ve gotten better and it doesn’t take a lot of time to redo if necessary (about 25 minutes [as a newbie] in these pics). You can find a great tutorial posted by Girls Love Your Curls for threading here. As we tell BBH: try it, you might like it!!  **Caution, your BBH will end up looking like a big girl:(** LOL!  Go’Head Baby, and please let me know what you think!

p.s.  Apologies for blurred pics; we were kind of on the go…

stretched hair

stretched hair

 **Updated pics of threading** Septemer 2012 using Taliah Waajid’s Style and Shine:

OK.  Maybe I’m late but, this blog is a great find.  I can truly appreciate a mother that is working multiple heads of hair at any given time (Stronge, give it up for Stronge ya’ll!!!).  I just can’t imagine the time and care.  Mommy Natacha believes “Grooming your daughter’s natural hair is easy when you know what to do.”   Please click on over and check it out.  Some great tutorials and info on kiddo maintenance and styles.  Be Curly!



Creme Brule Twist Out

The other day I posted about how this product saved BBH’s hair.  I “touched up” her style last night and thought I’d show the amazing twist out I got from using this product mixed with a dab of Shea Butter on slightly damp hair.  I can not believe this is the same head of dry hair I had over the weekend.  I dont think I even needed the Shea Butter.

Anywho.  Hope this pic gives this product a little justice. You can purchase online at Target here. Also, here is a listing of the entire Curls line on there website. Be curly – out.

I stumbled across Curls in Target the other day on the hunt for a good daily moisturizer.  I’ve read great reviews about Curls and decided to try the Creme Brule for styling.  Well to back up a bit, on a whim I washed BBH’s hair and didn’t do my normal “pre-poo” routine AND didn’t use the Beautiful Curl Curling Creme. Results – DRY DRY DRY.  So I broke out the Brule and applied to gently spritzed hair.  Results: Easy detangling, moisture, sheen and happy hair:)  Me likes.  I may just have to try more of their products.  Sorry no pics, but trust.  It is good.  Learn more about the Curls line here. Note, the Curls line sold at Target is a sister line.

A quote from the website about this particular product:

The Creme Brule is a moisturizing styling cream that will effectively penetrate the hair shaft, provide all day curl hydration, defrizz, and add shine to the hair. It has a level of moisturizing richness to it but it is not heavy or dense at all. Nor, does it have a light, very thin consistency to it either. Instead, it has the perfect smooth creamy consistency that is neither heavy nor overly light. And, if one’s hair is extremely dry, this product is buildable in the hair.


Found a wonderful “101” about this posted at  This is a great read, especially for parents who may not know how to manage the needs of biracial curly hair; very informative.   CURLS is a “premium, ethnic hair care company whose purpose is to deliver quality products that cater to the unique needs of today’s multi-ethnic market. It is the first line of hair care products truly created specifically for biracial/multiracial women and girls with naturally curly hair.”  They have a slew of products for curly, wavy, and kinky hair types of all ages. If you’ve tried these products, PLEASE let BBH know.  Imma read up on CURLS and hofy (short for hopefully; yes you can use it:) try some of their products too. But honey, with Easter/Resurrection Day coming up, I want you and your babies to by FLY, no excuses – cuz you will get talked about (yes at church)!! ..LOL! jus’playin…

Also, peep Tightly Curly that’s a site/blog created by Teri LaFlesh who is “half Black and half White” (that’s how she describes herself for the politically correct out there). She demonstrates how she grew her long l natural hair. She’s also authored a book called Curly Like Me available on pre-order.I will say her Seven Basic Steps tutorial is great and pretty much sums up the hair shampooing, conditioner and detangling routine I use on my daughter (except I just use my fingers and a wide tooth comb; rarely a brush – though many blogs and hair gurus recommend it), and my daughter -who is African-American- has kinkier hair than hers.

I hope you found this information helpful, or feel free to pass along to your Fam and Friends.  Go’Head Baby, Be Curly!!

OK, so what’s up with Target getting all pro-fro?!? This is the 2nd natural hair product I’ve heard to hit its shelves recently. You may recall days ago I blogged about Miss Jessie’s hair products coming to Target, specifically on 3/28, and in some cases like Cincy, OH, its already on the shelves…

Anywho, Jane Carter Solution Products (JC) are for

…dry hair. Including curly, wavy, straight, relaxed, natural hair, color treated and locked hair. We use ingredients derived from nature, natural butters, and certified organic essential oils that make your hair vibrant and alive again. Like the thousands of satisfied customers that use our products on a regular basis, I am sure that you will get great results from every use.”

Though I never tried JC products before (uhm, but I will) for my little one, I am definitely feeling their mission, devotion to quality hair products and overall entrepreneurship. Please check out the Ask Jane Blog as well. You can also sign up for a free copy of “The 3 Simple Secrets of Growing Great Hair.” Pretty interesting stuff.

Well, that’s all folks. I’ll hook you up with reviews asap. If anyone has tried JC products- cuz they have a pretty good following already -PLEASE SHARE LAWD. Oh, and kudos to Target for expanding their hair care products to include organic lines for curly/kinky hair. Go’head “Tar-jay”, Be Curly. LOL! – Hollah.

So, in case you’re wondering about  the hair regimen for our daughter, below you find what worked for me thru the various stages of her hair. Note, I’m ALWAYS on the hunt for other organic products, so while I list/recommend a few here, there are soooooo many other products out there (which is why BabyBigHair is here to help you find the one for you!!).

Months 0-5 (new territory)

First let me say, my daughter had a TON of hair, so growing her hair was never an issue, maintaining it and preventing a bald spot was.   Personally I used Johnson & Johnson’s Soothing Naturals Head to Toe Body Wash on my daughter’s hair, washing her hair about once a week. It left her hair soooo soft and silky.   I don’t really recall putting anything else in her hair other than a dusting of baby oil for shine (too much will clog hair follicles), and would twirl a few pieces of her around my finger to define her baby fro a ‘lil, add a barrette or headband and VIOLA!!  At this stage baby products should do for any baby, you really want something soft and delicate. HOWEVER, had I stumbled upon it, I would’ve tried the “It’s a Curl” product line.  It’s all natural and made specifically for babies.   If you try and like, please let us know. Continue reading →