Woot Woot! Been sooooo long lawd! Well, the store is open and we have some cool thangs goins on so CHECK IT:

NEW WOMEN’S “YES…IT’S All MINE” TEES! Sizes SM-XXL and at a special discounted price of 15% off for a limited time, EEK!  Happy Mother’s Day!!  *SHRILLS*




BABY BIG HAIR WINDOW CLING! – First 50 orders get one FREE ($3 value)!!  Did I say free??  Clings will be available for sale later this month ($3 or 2 for $5).


Also, be sure to check out some of the other fun additions to the BBH product family:

Sky BlueYes…It’s ALL MineFor girls sizes XS-XL.  Great compliment to our traditional Pink and Yellow options:)


The “Yes…It’s All Mine” Onesie.  For the da’babies (Pink/Grey – 12M/24M)!!


The “Truly A Princess”  Tee as beautifully illustrated by Amariah Rauscher. For your “clever girl with magical curls”! Sizes 12M, 24M, 2T, 4T and Girls XS-XLModelTees2013final-34


EEEEEEEEK!  Make it a combo lawd and purchase the Princess Truly and the Hungry Bunny Problem book by Kelly Greenawalt  at amazon.com.  PLEASE BELIEVE IT!! And don’t forget to peep our Toddler (Pink/Blue, 2T/4T) and Classic Youth “Yes” (Grey/S-XL) tees…


Perfect for Boy BIG HAIRZ!!!  YAAAAAAAK!!

Thanks for the wait fam!!  It’s been a long time coming.  Can’t deny we had some hiccups along the way.  We’re still learning and growing and TRULY appreciate your patience (no pun intended:).  We have more in store for the year.  Spread the word yo!


baby big hair


That’s right, the wait is ovah lawd! Our most popular “Yes…It’s All Mine” Tee has been restocked AND with new girls size XL, WOOT WOOT!!  Our lovable frotastic t-shirt depicts a child who is constantly questioned about the authenticity of all that natural BIG HAIR, a testament to any Baby Big Hair!  Peep Baby Big Hairz ’round the globe faithfully reppin their tees via Baby Big Hair Tumblr and/or follow babybighairlife on Instagram (#mybighairtee; more to be posted).  OWEE!! PLEASE BELIEVE IT!! Head on over to our STORE and get ur baby one today!!  G’on get ur Froto on and send them in…

Go ‘Head Baby!

Ahhhhh JEAH!!!! Its been a long time coming since we first introduced our tee shirts at the beginning of the year, but they’re HERRRRRRRRRE. That’s right 2 of our 3 initial designs, the BBH Logo and “Yes It’s All Mine” tees have been printed, and we’re gearing up to launch our online store right here on our site August 1st!!! YUP YUP! Next week baby! Check back in as we get closer lawd…

EEEEEEEEEEEEK! *goes crrrazah*

Go’Head Baby!