Celebrity Baby Big Hair: Ariana Neal

ariana neal

OWEEE! We are smitten with the frodorably sweet Baby Big Hair, Ariana Neal. Playing “Tatiana” in the widely released film Fruitvale Station (a very good movie), this angel SHINES on the big screen. She was first noticed on Season 5 of America’s Got Talent singing her little heart out. She moved from Illinois to Atlanta, Georgia and the rest is history.

ariana neal2

TRUST, this girl is on the RISE!! She is incredibly poised and intentional on screen. And those CURLZ?!? *goes off* truly delightful like:) Baby got pipes too and can BRANG.IT!! Check out this supacute You-tube video of her Bruno Mars cover:

I.CAN.NOT!! Little girl… GET>IN>MY>PURSE!!! More of this Baby Big Hair to come fro’sho! Look for her in the upcoming VH1 “CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story” as the young Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez. Aint nobody playin. Ms. Ariana Neal…

Go’Head Baby!

ariana neal











photo credit: www.arianalanae.com



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