Celebrity Baby Big Hair: Skai Jackson

Skye Jackson


Photo Source: Getty Images 

OWEE!  Check out Baby Big Hairz  Skai Jackson ( plays  Zuri Ross on Jessie (TV series)) reppin’ BIG HAIR  on the red carpet at the 14th Anniversary celebration of P.S. Arts’ ‘Express Yourself’” on November 11, 2012 in Santa Monica, California.   EEEEEEK! Lovin that sleek, high PowaPuff overflowing with a SURIOUS cascading twist out!!  And dag nab it, if she isn’t always a poster child for fun and cuteness!! #AgeAppropriate   You can achieve this BIG HAIR style by simply smoothing out the sides and pulling  BIG HAIR into a high ponytail.  Place a wide silk/satin scarf around the head (tied in the back) for at least a few minutes; overnight will really set it off.   Oo La La… Let’s take a closer look at all that HURRRRRRRRRR:

Photo Source: Getty Images

PURDYL THANG!!  Get.In.My.Pocket!!! Represent that natural crown of gloreh!!    Ms. Skai Jackson…

Go’Head Baby!


7 thoughts on “Celebrity Baby Big Hair: Skai Jackson

  1. skai do u kown our name is the same our age is the same same and brith date but im’ not famous always want can u post more baby pics please bye bff and best fan ever byeeeeeeeeeee.

  2. skai Jackson you are one of the most young famous people that I know with good hair but I like your the most even tho its a lot sometimes I wonder what you do with it

  3. Skai jakson is so cute an a year older than me an her hair is amaizing so amaizing I want it for myself thats why I have been looking at it very close

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