Hair Care Tips

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  • chloe

    Hi Pat,

    That’s a good question. Hhmmmm. I dont know if there is a certain age. I’m trying really hard to remember when I first trimmed BBH’s hair and it seems it was sometime after she was 1. Now I was a bit obsessed w/her hair (confessions of a BBH Mommy), so it never really broke off. I say if braiding or twisting it becomes an issue due to the split ends not staying in a style, its time to trim. So long as you can keep that baby still long enough.. Hope that helps. I trim while BBH’s hair is in twists and have a post in the works about it. Please be sure to check back. Also, I’ll post your question on our FB page this week and take a poll w/our other parents. Thank you so much for your question!!

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