See. THIS RIGHT HERE is why Baby Big Hair came to be!! We’ve all heard the story by now. Talented and beautiful 12 year old Vanessa VanDyke was initially told to cut or straighten her BIG HAIR or be expelled then faced a subsequent ultimatum over Thanksgiving break:

“We are not asking her to put products in her hair or to cut her hair,” read a statement sent to a local television station. “We are asking her to style her hair within the guidelines according to the school handbook.”

Well, well, well, SOMEBODY got the message via social media that threatening the natural state of ones hair, ESPECIALLY ON THE HEAD OF A CHILD is not ok. But it STILL wasn’t clear enough I see. They were still asking this baby to ‘style her hair’. Ma’am/Sir, BIG HAIR IS A STYLE!! What I hear loud and and clear from the undertones of administration’s statements and/or the alleged claims is that Ms. VanDyke’s hair is unkept, unruly and needs to be ‘tamed’, either by cutting or styling. THAT ^^^ is their response to this baby’s cry for help from being bullied by her peers over her hair?!??
Hhhhhhh….**beside myself**  Thankfully, this sweet Baby Big Hair returned to school this week with her untouched crown of gloreh!!  See the local news segment here:

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That’s more LIKE IT!! When will the day come when this is not news? When will the day come when natural BIG HAIR dunned by children is an acceptable style left to the discretion of parents and not the judgement of society?? Ladies and gentlemen, BIG HAIR is beautiful. BlG HAIR is natural. BIG HAIR is a lifestyle. WHY.CANT.BIG.HAIR.JUST.BE?!?? Young Vanessa conveys it best in her response to the school’s criticism of her natural BIG HAIR:

“It says that I’m unique.” [BBH: Yes it does sweetie!!!] “First of all, it’s puffy and I like it that way. I know people will tease me about it because it’s not straight. I don’t fit in.”  Hhhhhhh… Can I just give a BIG shout out to her parents who have done an AWESOME job instilling self worth and love in that beautiful child!! YES!!!

Thank you Vanessa VanDyke and family for taking a stand for what is naturally your right and for representing Baby Big Hairz everywhere. Email the school and send words of encouragement and support of this BBH here. Vanessa VanDyke…

Go’Head Baby!

David Otunga, Jr ^AAACK!!! So CUTE!!^
Source: Black Celeb Kids

OWEEE! Lovin little David Otunga, Jr., son of Jennifer Hudson (singer, actress, author) and David Otunga (wrestler, reality actor, lawyer) these days. This recently turned 3 lil’ Man Man has the CA-UTEST dollbaby face and soft, delightful-like BIG HAIR!! Lookin just like his mama too. PLEASE BELIEVE IT!! Here they are last week between takes on the NYC set of ‘Smash‘.

David Otunga, Jr.PHOTO SOURCE(S): OK Magazine

Told ya, spittin image! And did you peep those cutie patootie shoes/Polliwalks!?!? You can  find them on sale here. Mmhhmm, other cute styles too. EEEK! And Mr. CutiePie Guy got JOKEZ for dayz too! Peep him rrrippin this TMZ guy. Like, uhm dude….you are not the slam. Get.Out.My.FACE!!!

BRAHAHAHAHAHA!! Love himmmm.  All smooshy wooshy w/personality to boot….  GET IN MY PURSE! Can’t wait to watch this kiddo grow up!!  HHHHhhhhhh. Until then, David Otunga, Jr….

Go’Head Baby!

What’s up Big Hair peeps? I hope all of the dads out there had a happy Father’s Day last weekend. Well, are y’all ready to Blast Off this week? We have a special Daddy’s Corner edition of the “Baby Big Hair Blast”, where we highlight BIG HAIR artisans and their muses.  This week we are featuring a lovable little one named Asia and Daddy Fred is handling this here Blast Q&A! So why waste more time… ain’t nothin’ to it but to do it…

Tell us a little about Baby Big Hair Asia.
Well what can I say about Baby Big Hair Asia, she is one big ball of energy! She loves to climb and swing from just about everything in the house. She is a joy to be around and gives some of the sweetest hugs and kisses known to man. [Awww man!! You gotta love that. Baby girls are great.]

Do you style her hair and/or what are your favorite styles to see on her?
As far as me styling her hair? I try, but its just so much of it, so most times its left to flow freely in the wind, or put in a ponytail [“my little pony, my little pony… ahhhhh ahhh ahh ahhh”. my fault. Guess what I’m watching?]. My favorite style would be her Afro! I love to see her hair, the way God intended…big and natural! [Yessir, afros in the houzzz!!!]


How does Asia feel about her hair?
Asia loves her hair, she loves to look in the mirror at it and brush it. Sometimes she gets plats in her head with beads on the ends, and she loves to swing her hair side to side, and let the beads rattle and shake! [music to your ears.]

What are your thoughts on “relaxing” or “perming” her hair?
I said when she was born that I would not perm her hair or relax it, but yet let that be her decision. She has a good grade of her, and though it may take a little bit of work to upkeep it at times, it is well worth it! [Smart man. Hair is always gonna be tough to keep up with, natural, fried, dyed, laid to the side, afro or soul glo. Believe that!]

Last but not least, anything you would like to share about haircare in general, styling and/or experiences for all the Baby Big Hair Dads out there?
To my fellow Baby Big Hair Dads, one piece of advice when it comes to haircare is this…don’t be afraid to ask questions. If your not sure about a product, then ask. For me when it comes to her hair, I’d rather go with health over style! [Great advice… y’all betta ask somebody!]

Yo, thanks Daddy Fred for sharing with us this week. You dropped some great knowledge that I’m sure will help our fellow BBH dads. Keep up the good work and hug that little precious joy for us! Until the next time, this is Daddy BBH signing off.

No BBH Blast today folks.  I’m still catching up on all the fabulous info Journey to My Roots laid on us last night on  BBH Face Book Page during our Ask a BIG HAIR Question segment!!  WHEW DOGGIES, and I MEAN she came out with spray bottles loaded (get it? water/conditioner mixed in a spray bottle?)!!!  But what I will do is share a couple baby pics of yours truly, Mommy BBH!!!  Lets dig into these pictures, shall we??  

The Baby FRO.
Very quick and easy.  Notice the ever so glistening sheen of my baby fro.  No doubt Grandma BBH was breaking off quality juices and berries to achieve such a glorious poof.  And can we just say Grandma BBH is just SUPAFLY?!?!?

The Ponies
Ahh yes. Parted ever so delicately with the lovely smoothed out “baby hair whispers” on the hair line.  A classic.  I suspect just a hint of coiling in each pony. And no doubt those bows were custom made.  Grandma BBH got crafts lawd.  Once again, this mommy gets an A+ for hydrating some baby curls.  I suspect she may have had product junkie issues (fruit doesn’t fall far from a tree, LOL!).  But then again, back in the day it was plain and simple: water & grease.  As Charlotte of Charlotte’s Avenue would say… GROWTH DON”T LIE!!

The Evolution of BIG HAIR
Like all true BBH’s, there comes a point when its just BIG HAIR. Clearly I crossed over at some point.  But once again, Grandma BBH would not be defeated.  With bands and barretes at hand, she was determined to have that perfect picture day (me, not so much I hated taking pictures, hmm still do kinda actually).  What is missing from this picture is a large bantu braid like knot on the very top of my head.  TRUST, it is there… It DIDN’T MAKE IT (in my best American Idol audition rejectee “I didn’t make it!” impersonation *runs off*)!   Sometimes BIG HAIR just happens, all of it can’t make the photo op.

So there you have it folks. Genetics at its best.  I suppose you could say I put my own mother on Blast. Shh! Don’t tell her. Well, she was quite the BIG HAIR artisan:)  Love you Mom!

Go’Head Baby!!

One of our readers asked a very good question about defining her baby’s fro. While there are some definers out there that may be safe, I highly suggest the coiling technique. You simply add the desired product (that you know is safe for your baby’s skin/scalp) and twirl a small section of hair around your finger (or a fine-toothed comb). When BBH was younger, I did this starting at 3-5 months until her hair was long enough for other styles.

Awhhh, my sweet babygirl:)…..You can leave in coils or you can piece out and separate each coil into 3-4 small coils for a well defined curly Fro, like below (supacute!). I really liked this look when she was younger. Simply GORG with a bow or headband. BBH was about 18 months here…


Here is a great coiling and coil out tutorial I found on youtube to further illustrate:

Go’Head Baby. Be Curly!


Ahhh yes! I remember it like yesterday… stumbling into the kitchen early saturday morning, pulling up my little brown and white chair, bowl of cereal in hand and watching Jackson 5ive cartoon repeats. I still jam to J5 classics every now and then and best believe BBH is right there with me (cuz She’s a Dancin’ Machine)! Quiet at kept, I was lil’MJ in a jr. high performance and brought the house down with Ben! No autographs please, LOL!

Well folks, doesn’t get much better than this, 5 heads of BIG HAIR. HHhhhh. The dayz. Never Can Say Goodbye…

Be Curly!


This was one of the 1st tutorials I ever used on BBH’s hair. Love Lisa Akbari, the self proclaimed “Hair Doctor.”  Her tutorials are fabulouuuuus (in my best Oprah voice)! This is a quick prep for that Sunday style  or it’s great for when that defined curly fro is not so defined anymore but you still want that BIG HAIR.  In summation, you two strand twist on dry hair, roll the twists using your fingers and tuck.  BBH slept with her night cap and I took them down in the AM. I’m almost certain back then I used a mix of Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk and Kinky-Curly’s Tiny Twirls Styler (but don’t hold me to it). Isn’t it precious?  Give it a try on your BBH and let us know the results!

Go ‘Head Baby, Be Curly!