Bonjour!!  Sooooooo excited to have the opportunity to review and share with you the new kids line by Carol’s Daughter (CD) “CD4 Kids”.  EEEEEEK!  It’s been a grip lawd since our last review so Baby Big Hair and I were looking forward to it.   We were provided with a package of  CD4 Kids Detangler, Shampoo and Conditioner. Yup. Noice! BBH had been rocking our signature protective style, all over 2 strand twists, for about 5 weeks.   So the timing could not have been more PERFECT. Alrighty then, let’s get right to it, shall we?!? First, a little something about Carol’s Daughter for those who may not be familiar with this reputable line of hair and body products (from the CD website):

Carol’s Daughter has been known for its natural beauty products for more than 20 years.
Each hair, skin and body indulgence collection is infused with rare ingredients that bring out 
your natural beauty.

 Hear Lisa tell her story in her own words….

Don’t you just love passionate people!?!?!  Hhhhhhh….

The CD Mission (from the CD website):

cd4 kids our-mission

Delightful like!  And now….

REVIEW TIME!!! (and watch our CD4Kids video review here or view at the end of this post!)

 *This post is my honest and unbiased opinion. The subject products were provided to Baby Big Hair with no incentive to offer a favorable review; however,  the related youtube video is commission based*

(see ingredients list here):

*Disclaimer*  Note BBH’s hair had been in a protective style for 5 weeks.  Product was not used on freshly washed hair or even damp hair.

  • Price: $12.00 for 8.5 fl. oz. bottle. This is consistent with other natural organic hair care products, maybe a few dollars more(?).  Little goes a long way
  • Smell: SupaLight smell.  Not at all overwhelming
  • Consistency: clear liquid, touch of cloudiness.  Light midst pump

I started with spraying  a few twists at a time and separating each twists with my fingers.  I then further separated the hair, taking extra care where hair was locking.  Her twists were successfully removed and detangled with plenty product left to spare.  Not a lot of slip mind you, but it got the job done. See for your self:

20140109-235306.jpg^^^BIG HAIR!!!!^^^

CD4KIDS SHAMPOO (see ingredients list here):

  • Price: $12.00 for 8.5 fl. oz. bottle. Again, for my product junkies out there, this is consistent with other natural organic hair care products.  You do not need to have a heavy hand with this, a little goes a long way
  • Smell: Supalight pleasant smell
  • Consistency: Clear and thick

After sectioning off her hair (cuz I awhhlwayz wash her hair in sections lawd – shoooo….thats a lot of HUR!  LOL!), I wet her hair and applied.  Good amount of lather and the shampoo felt moisturizing in her hair.  Similar to the Detangler, not a lot of slip, but moisturizing while cleansing her hair.  As noted we had 5 weeks of product piled onto her hair. This shampoo left her hair feeling very clean and there was no build up left on the scalp.
20140110-000807.jpg*BIG HAIR Tip – Wash hair in sections to minimize tangles during the process

 CD4KIDS CONDITIONER (see ingredients list here):

  • Price: $12.00 for  an 8 fl. oz. tube. Consistent with other  natural organic hair care products out there.  Quarter size amount will do for each section.
  • Smell: SupaLight pleasant smell
  • Consistency: Very creamy and thick

I applied the conditioner to her freshly washed hair.  Instructions were to leave in hair for 3-5 minutes then rinse, but as noted above, I do everything in sections and I like to let conditioner “set” in the hair.  Prolly had conditioner in her hair for good 20 minutes or so.  While working thru, I further detangled her hair where needed. Some slip, just enough to make it easy to work thru. I rinsed out with no residue on her hair or scalp.
20140110-000817.jpgAhhhhh, my baby’s curl pattern #haircrush



The smell of all three products is very faint and light and I did not have to use a TON of product to get the job done (THANKYA!).  How many of us know how essential that is when making such an investment on BIG HAIR (can my product junkies say AMEN?!?!?  The Shampoo cleansed really well the first go ’round and didn’t strip her hair.  I really like how the  Shampoo and Conditioner were easy to rinse out of her hair. BIG HAIR hair types need gentle products that do not build up, word.  Now turn to your neighbor and say “It doesn’t build up”!  MMm-hey! Yaaaaaasssss!


I just need a little more slip lawd.   While the Detangler and Conditioner certainly get the job done, both could use a tad more slip, especially for all that BIG HAIR.   The Conditioner is moisturizing, but is not a “Leave-In” (*disclaimer* nor does CD hold it out to be), which BBH’s hair has gotten accustomed to over the years.  Not necessarily a con, just noting the Conditioner does not function like a ‘Leave-In’.  If you like to condition prior to applying a Leave-In, this may work well for you.


I really like the Shampoo (very rich and clarifying). And the Detangler and Conditioner certainly get the job done, but I was left feenin’ for a “Leave-In” and/or styling product. Hopefully, those are in the works!!!  A defining creme or gel would be a nice addition to the line too. I will say BBH’s hair was SUPAsoft after washing and conditioning and the styling products I did use (although a different brand) attached to her hair like BUTTAH.  I can see this line working really well on its own for medium to loose curl types or for oily hair types that need a good cleanser and/or conditioner that leaves -0- residue in the hair.  For more reviews on various hair types search the #cd4kids hashtag in social media.  Note, Carol’s Daughter is sold online and at its stores (see store locator here), select Macy’s, Sephora and Ulta stores.  See if CD4Kids is for you.  Many thanks to Carol’s Daughter for the opportunity to  review and  share CD4Kids with our readers and followers.


 Go’Head Baby!

***PS, click below to see these products  (and Baby Big Hair:)) in action…


photo source: isocko.com

Welcome to “Baby Big Hair Blast” where we highlight BIG HAIR artisans and their muses:) Up next to the BBH stage is Mommy Dorothee and her beautiful gem, Nadia. O_o CAWL.ME!!!  This child is GORG!!  EEEEEK! Her hair is so FABULOUS!!!   Owee. And if this baby looks familiar to you dont find it odd. You may have seen her splattered all over Kmart stores nationwide in its 2012 Halloween promotion… Continue reading →

Welcome to “Baby Big Hair Blast” where we highlight BIG HAIR artisans and their muses:)  Yeah I know, said we’d  be down for a bit, but I got the “can’t helps its”, LOL!.  Up next to the BBH stage is Mommy Lakeyta and her yummy lil’Man Man Kenneth… O_O?!?!?!?  OWEEE! Seriously, do they come any sweeter? Golly. Well “anybody that know me” knows I love me some Boy BIG HAIRZ.  So you already know I had to get the deets on this here BABY!  We had the opportunity to do just that when I chatted down with Mommy Lakeyta to get the 411 on that sweet little face.  Let’s get to it shall we?

BBH: What is your hair washing routine?
Kenneth gets his hair washed every 2 weeks or as needed.  [BBH: Whomp ‘der it is!]


BBH: How do you keep Kenneth’s hair moisturized?
Kenneth’s hair is moisturized with Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk everyday or when its not styled…

BBH: How does Kenneth feel about his hair?
He loves it. He says he dosen’t want a hair cut, and he likes it down when he takes pictures. Most of all he loves the attention his hair brings.  [BBH:  Oh yes!  BIG HAIR commands attention! Sometimes too much attention when folk think they can be all up in your baby’s hair, massaging scalp n’junk, and have the nerve to smile at you when they’re doing it, as if its FUN or something?!?!?  WHO DOES THAT?!?! HHHHhhhhhh.  Sorry…..had a moment. Back to your frotastic baby *criss cross apple sauce*…]

[BBH:  Aweee, such a handsome thang:) ]

BBH: Fave styling products these days?
My favorite products to use are Carol’s Daughter products. We use all of there products, even their lotion, it really gives you that natural look. This curl-perfecting collection contains everything you need to make your coils soft and shiny, easy to manage and frizz-free. Give your curls the nourishment it needs. [BBH:  OWEE!]

[BBH:  Lawd I could just EAT HIM UP!]

BBH: What are your thoughts on cutting his hair?
Sometimes I wonder about cutting it, everyone tells me not to cut it and with his career is going so good, I think I’m going to wait untill he is older and the time is right.  [BBH:  OHGAAA noooooo!  Just let it be.  BIG HAIR is the answer, let it be *high note with Mariah Carey finger* eee-e-eee!]

 [BBH:  BIG HAIR will make ya… JUMP JUMP! Uhuh, Uhuh…  LOL!  showin’ my age lawd, SMH…]

BBH: Last but not least, anything you would like to share about haircare in general, styling and/or experiences. Kenneth has natural curly hair and Carol’s Daughter  4-piece collection is everything you need to style your child’s hair and keep their coils shiny and beautiful. The perfect essential oils and butters are blended together to make this ultra-moisturizing set the secret to a happy styling experience—for the both of you. [BBH:  Daaaang, can I get you to plug my blog?!?!?  Making products sound all delightful like!!!]

[BBH:  ^^^ ?!??!??!?!!???!??!

 Thanks Mommy Lakeyta and Kenneth for participating!! HHHHHhhhhhh I really can’t stand it.  What an absolute YUMMY lil’dapper man man…OHGAAA! No surprise he is an aspiring model.  His spotlight on Black Celebrity Kids is a must see.  Please believe it! Holla at contact@officialkennethwilliams.com for bookings!!! Check out his site at www.officialkennethwilliams.com and follow him on Twitter! MmmMMMPH! Love me some Big Boy Hairz!! That one^^^ can GET.IN.MY.POCKET!! Mommy Lakeyta and Kenneth…
Go’Head Baby!


Welcome to “Baby Big Hair Blast” where we highlight BIG HAIR artisans and their muses:) In honor of Mother’s Day we are blasting off thru the end of this month! Up next to the BBH stage is Mommy PJ of LookzLikeMe (supacute handmade dolls) and her yummy little cutiepie guy, “NJ”.   Well we are in for treat with this little cutiepie guy and his frotastic BIG HAIR!!. Continue reading →

Welcome to “Baby Big Hair Blast” where we highlight BIG HAIR artisans and their muses:) Up next to the BBH stage is Mommy Aisha of Braid With Me and her stunning little girl Anisa. Now trust, babygirl’s got BIG HAIR!!! Well, I didn’t have to go far to track down this Mommy as she was the creator of the glorious “Big Hair on the Side” Hairspiration Style posted this week!! Aisha is a BEAST when it comes to braiding. I am in straight up awe of her skills (no blasted cornrow for this Mommy, LOL!), and Anisa is just a sweet little thing! We’re fortunate to have so many fantastic pics of Anisa’s BIG HAIR in one place!! OOOWEEE! Well, let’s get right to it, shall we??

BBH: What is your hair washing routine?
I am currently working on a new routine for my daughter. She has been having some issues with eczema so I have switched from washing her hair once a week to every two weeks. I am currently using Bee Mine Bee Nourished Ayurvedic Herbal Bar and Herbal Essence Hello Hydration (old ingredients) conditioner. [BBH: Awhhhh, sorry to hear that, but sounds like your working it out, pay attention BBH parents!!]

[BBH: OK, is it just me or do you hear angelic sounds when you look at THIS PIC?!?! ….Mommy just struck her rat-tail comb and parted that baby’s hair like the Red Sea!! ]

What do you find are the challenges for styling Anisa’s hair and how do you overcome them?
Time!!! Now that her little brother is so active and the fact that school has started we have less time for styling. I find myself relying on protective styles a lot more because of this. [BBH: Yessssss! Nothing like having to refresh a style every day or evening, heck or every other day!! ]

How do you entertain Anisa when styling her hair?
As far as entertaining goes, she actually prefers to have her iPod . Other than that, we talk about what I’m doing to her hair and why. She’s interested learning how to braid!! [BBH: Awahhhh! That special Mommy/daughter time and hair schooling, LOVE IT]

[BBH: Oooweeee! sing it with me – BIG HAIR on daaaaaaaaaaaaa (*clap*) Siiiii-iii–iii-de! WOO!]

What are your fav products these days?
I will always love Bee Mine!! [BBH: Ooo lets bump that up on the list then!] I recently tried Oyin Handmade products and I love them as well. My favorite “in the store” product is Carol’s Daughter Lite Hair Milk. I also make my own mixture, which includes unrefined shea butter, coconut oil, vitamin E oil, and castor oil. [BBH: Got it!!]

How does she feel about her hair??
She loves it!! [BBH: Uhm, if you were tearing my head up on the regular like that, I would too, OK!?!!] She loves to tell me which style she would like. Whenever we’re out in public and someone compliments her hair, she ALWAYS tells them about the Protective Style Challenge that she won! Lol!! She doesn’t tell them that she won, she tells them the rules!! No rubberbands, No beads, No barrettes, No heat!! Lol!! [BBH: That is so dag’on CUTE! Look at this baby….sssstop!!]

Tips for wearing BIG HAIR or fav “quick” styles.
The most important tip I have is to not focus on length!! [BBH: That’s right, shrinkage will get you every time…] The overall health is the most important thing. I don’t really have a fav quick style but my favorite protective style is box braids.

BBH: Last but not least, what is the inspiration behind your blog Braid With Me?
I recently started my own blog, www.braidwithme.blogspot.com. I decided to start it after the suggestion of Nikki from www.beadsbraidsbeyond.blogspot.com. While guest blogging on her site, I received a lot of positive feedback about the styles that I create. [BBH: Trust, I was one of those folks!!! So glad you stepped out…] I’m still pretty new to the blogging world, but if you would like to see more please stop by our page and join!! Also, be sure to “Like” our Facebook fan page to view our style gallery. [BBH: UHM, DO’DIS FOLKS!!]

Thank you Mommy Aisha and Anisa (Ms. Pretty, Pretty) for participating!!! LOVE this child’s hair, OK?!?!? And I mean you’ve only seem a glimpse, a tiny taste, just a hint of the meticulous styles Mommy Aisha whips up and puts down like the “Braided Twisted Rolled” style or the “Back to School” style she did this year. Shooooo, I’d have Hairspirations lined up through the end of the year from her blog alone!! Golly. Hhhhhhh. Get over to www.braidwithme.blogspot.com or like the Braid With Me FB Page and tell her Baby Big Hair sent ya! *P.S. Mommy Aisha has a “Teach With Me” section of her blog dedicated to various educational resources that could be useful for you and your BBH. LOVE IT!

Go ‘Head Baby!!

This was one of the 1st tutorials I ever used on BBH’s hair. Love Lisa Akbari, the self proclaimed “Hair Doctor.”  Her tutorials are fabulouuuuus (in my best Oprah voice)! This is a quick prep for that Sunday style  or it’s great for when that defined curly fro is not so defined anymore but you still want that BIG HAIR.  In summation, you two strand twist on dry hair, roll the twists using your fingers and tuck.  BBH slept with her night cap and I took them down in the AM. I’m almost certain back then I used a mix of Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk and Kinky-Curly’s Tiny Twirls Styler (but don’t hold me to it). Isn’t it precious?  Give it a try on your BBH and let us know the results!

Go ‘Head Baby, Be Curly!


Welcome to BABY BIG HAIR BLAST where we highlight “Big Hair” artisans and their muses:) Up next to the BBH stage is Julia Samersova-Adler of Planet Awesome Kid and her pretty awesome kid, “The Boss” (ha! LOVES it).  Well this precious girl’s curls are indeed LARGE AND IN CHARGE!  We had the pleasure of “chatting” down with Julia to get the dealio on The Boss and those BIG curls.  So, let’s get right on with it, shall we?

BBH: What is your hair washing routine?
I use Burts Bee’s or California Baby Shampoo.  We wash the hair every other bath.   I use a leave in conditioner afterwards and comb thru the knots!   UGH!  [BBH: Yes, detangling is quite the labor of love…]

BBH: What do you find are the challenges for styling The Boss’s hair and how do you over come them?
The brushing!!!!!   It kills me!   I have not YET totally overcome, except I find great organic super moisturizing leave in treatments and stay diligent!  [BBH:  As a recovering hair product junkie, I must refrain..from..asking…what……..PRODUCTS!!! – HHhhhh…relax, relate, release – relax, relate, release]

BBH: How do you entertain the Boss when styling her hair?
I give her a book to read or a favorite doll. [BBH:  Awhhh, lil’precious sweetie moo moo!!]

BBH: What are your fav products these days?
California Baby, Burts Bee’s  and a leave in conditioner called Beautiful Curls that I found at Whole Foods [BBH:  YESSSS! You are speaking my language! Love me some Beautiful Curls, that’s good stuff!]   I am very particular about the products being as natural and organic and chemical, yucky-crap free as POSSIBLE!   I’m a hippie that way!

BBH: How does the Boss feel about her hair??
She is only 2.5, and has no clue yet!

[BBH:  Uhp! Ok, STOP! Now you KNOW this outfit is too MUCH! For real, really?!?!!  SUPACUTE!]

BBH: Tips for wearing BIG HAIR or fav “quick” styles?
LET IT BE!   LET IT BE!  LET IT BE!  [BBH:  Amen!  Let all the BBH’s say Amen (will one come?)!]

BBH: Last but not least, anything you would like to share about haircare in general or experiences…
My mom is a hairstylist, so I grew up around the world of hair.  I am a caucasian woman with very straight, thick, black hair.   I am super low maintenance with my own hair.  I literally just wash and go.  The only product I use is Carol’s Daughter Sugar Dipped Vanilla All Over Sheen Dry Oil Mist  (I know weird!)  [BBH: ??!?! Sugar Dipped Vanilla Oil Mist?  What’da?!?  Let me pull that up real quick… huh, well I’ll be…]    My biggest advice, especially for Americans obsessed with the concept of SQUEAKY CLEAN, is STOP washing your hair so much!   I only wash my hair maybe twice a week and the dirtier the better it looks!

Well say that and just say NO to stripping BIG HAIR of all its natural goodness and fullness! BIG thanks to Julia Samersova-Adler and The Boss for participating. OooWEE that baby is CUTE! Just look at those BIG curls and that sweetie pie face, just adorable! Kudos to Mommy for letting those gorgeous curls be free.  And how about her teaching me a thing or two about Carol’s Daughter products!?!  Hmph!  I slept on that…   Now lets show her some BBH love and visit Planet Awesome Kids, the “premiere kids street style site dedicated to celebrating the individualism and spirit of children around the world,” and submit a pic of your BBH aka AWESOME KID!
Go’Head Baby!

Welcome to BABY BIG HAIR BLAST where we highlight “Big Hair” artisans and their muses:) Up next to the BBH stage is Mommy NIkki and Baby O, and OOOOHHH what a cutie she IS!  Just look at her lil’ Big RED Hair!  You may have seen Baby O as a Curly Baby on Curly Nikki (congrats!) or in random hair postings on Facebook.  She certainly caught my eye in the sea of fros posted in honor of Afro Day on the 4th.  I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to take a bite out of this little cinnabon! YUMMY!  Mommy Nikki is “chatting down” with us today to give us the 411 on Baby O and that sweet lil’fro.   Well, let’s dig in shall we??