Welcome to “Baby Big Hair Blast” where we highlight BIG HAIR artisans and their muses:)  Up next to the BBH stage is Mommy Tamica and her sweet, sweet baby Rylee… O_O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  OHGAAAAAAA!  So we family right?  Right, so I can tell you that I lost it and hunted Mommy Tamica down on FB and didn’t care if she thought I was crazy cuz she was gonna  have to GIMME DAT BABY so I could BLAST HER!?!?!?! Hhhhhhhhhhh Yes, this baby GOT’MEH and I do have time for dat *in my Sweet Brown voice*!   Whew!  Well, (after I calmed myself, lol!)  we had the opportunity to chat down with Mommy Tamica and get the low down on that BEAUTIFUL babygirl and that GORGEOUS, RIDONKULOUS head of BIG HAIR!  Oh my. LET’S DO THIS!!! Continue reading →

I SHAVE MY HEAD BACK AND FORTH!!! HHhhhh and another one gone:”'( Breaking news folks. Just the other day we said goodbye to Jaden Smith’s glorious BIG HAIR. Now his sister, the ever so cute and stylish Willow Smith, has taken route. Peep that fabrocious TWA. This isn’t quite as drastic as Jaden’s as we all know she’s rocked a partly shaven head for a minute, and has always been bold with her hair. We heart anything she does to her hair!! BUT, for a trip down memory lane of her BIG HAIR days, please see our Willow Smith Hairspiration feature. Now for a moment of silence as all the BBH’s and BBH parents tip their moisturizers, and say goodbye to a fellow Baby Big Hair. *queue music* It’s so harrrrrrd to say goodbyeeee to your BIG HAIRRRR, EH-EE-E-EE-EE-EEE! HHHhhhhhh. See you in a few inches…

Go’Head Baby!

Welcome to “Baby Big Hair Blast” where we highlight BIG HAIR artisans and their muses:) Up next to the BBH stage is Mommy Jessica and SUPACUTE Sissy. Trust, Sissy’s got some serious BIG HAIR!!! EEEK! And she’s such a DOLL!! You may have seen Ms. Sissy on our FB wall recently as a FROTO PIC (the rest of ya’ll holding back on me!!). Well, I had the opportunity to “chat” down w/Mommy and get the beezneez on that FANTASTIC fro. Alrighty then, let’s get to it shall we?

BBH: What is your hair washing routine?
We rarely use shampoo, usually co-wash with conditioner. If we have a style in we just co-wash between styles, if we are rocking out the curls [BBH: Rock it, don’t stop, rockin’ out da curlz!] than we will rinse and co-wash once to twice a week. In the tub I use a spray nozzle and rinse, rinse, rinse her hair to make sure it is all very wet. I apply conditioner and work through with my hands and rinse. After this I condition again only this time I part in random sections and comb through each section adding more conditioner for slip if necessary, we tend to use a lot of conditioner because Sissy’s hair is so thick and I want the comb to slip through nicely without pull. I gently rinse the conditioner out leaving a little in this time. After getting her out of the tub she sits while I moisturize and depending on how we are going to style either randomly part and braid or twist for the night or carefully part off and braid or twist for the night and either way, style in the morning. [BBH: Well its a wrap folks, did Mommy break it down or WHAT?!?]

BBH: What do you find are the challenges for styling Sissy’s hair and how do you over come them?
Probably the thickness of her hair is one of our biggest challenges. [BBH: *waves hand in air* WELLLL…] I cannot put into words how THICK her hair is. [BBH: Come on somebody!] I over come this by taking the time to really divide and comb out in small sections. It actually takes less time because I am able to comb out tangles easier and faster with less snags and pulls. We also seem to spend a small fortune on hair care products since we use a lot for the thickness of her hair. Recently with starting preschool and soccer it’s been a challenge to find time to do styles. Since her hair is so thick it takes awhile to put styles in so we have been wearing loose ponytails more and breaking styles down into quick and easy that can be transitioned into another(ie: large 2 strand twist all over that I put into small 2 strand twist over a few days). [BBH: Now THAT is workin’ with what the good lawd gave ya!]

[BBH: Watch out now!! That twist out right there?? ^^^ The bombdiggity!!]

BBH: How do you entertain Sissy when styling her hair?
Snacks with TV and movies. She’ll also look at books while I style or she does her own doll’s hair. In the tub while I’m working on combing she plays with doll’s hair or we bought bath crayons and finger paints that only come out for hair time, she really loves these. We sing songs together too. [BBH: Just sangin’ in the HOT TUB! Owww!]

BBH: What are your fav products these days?
I have been on a product search for close to a year when I finally figured out the mysterious stains showing up on her and my clothes after they were washed and dried were from the products we were using. [BBH: SNAP!] Just today we tried Darcy’s Botanicals [BBH: o_O] and I am in LOVE! Sissy’s hair was so soft and easy to comb through and we had nice curl definition! I also didn’t have to use a ton of product for all that hair. I for sure think we’ll be sticking with these products! A favorite for us isn’t a product but an accessory. If she’s wearing free hair or a ponypuff a headband from www.vintagerosewraps.com is a must! Not only do I love the way they look but they help keep the fuzzies at her hairline in check. One of us is wearing one almost everyday and it’s not unusual to see us both wearing a headband from them. They have so many to choose from that they coordinate with anything we wear! [BBH: Hhhhmm, I smell a product review…]

BBH: How does Sissy feel about her hair?
We always speak positively about her hair and encourage her input in how she wants it styled so for the most part she likes her hair. She loves getting to express herself with beads or when we add colored yarn to her braids. She gets excited about her hair with new styles and loves to see others with curly hair. She now will point out girls in books, TV shows, movies, etc with curly hair. I am hoping she will grow to love her hair as she continues to get older and grasp how beautiful her hair is. Right now she is 4 and wants to be like her Mama and my hair is stick straight without a hint of curl so she will say, “I wish I had straight hair like you.” but I really think it is just the desire to be like me not so much of not liking her hair. We talk about how hard I use to try with perms and such to make my hair curly and how God makes each of us different and special and He wanted her to have the beautiful curls he gave her. She likes when we talk about God giving her the beautiful hair she has and smiles her gorgeous grin and says, “I’m His princess”, melts my heart. I was thrilled when she has started drawing herself with curly hair. Her biggest complaint is how long it takes sometimes. [BBH: Awhh lil’Sissy!! Ur coming home with me, now get in my POCKET!! And yup, minutes turn into hours dont they? HHhhh BIG HAIR, the labor of love…]

BBH: Tips for wearing BIG HAIR or fav “quick” styles. MOISTURIZE MOISTURIZE MOISTURIZE! [BBH: Somebody turn to your neighbor and say….MOISTURIZE!] I always make sure we take the time and use products that moisturize well, it makes such a big difference. When her hair is free or in a loose ponytail/puffs the biggest thing I have found helpful is each night to comb through, moisturize and place hair in 5-8 braids or twist and put a sleep cap on. [BBH: That’s it, another wrap folks, will one come?!?] In the morning it’s super quick and easy to take them out, refresh hair lightly with a spray or cream and wear free or in a loose puff or puffs. We love 2 stand twist here also and quickest way we do them is random. I use to take the time and part hair into little boxes, now I use random sections of hair and it looks so cute and is much quicker (we love twist outs for another cute style and added water to twist when they start to look a little fuzzy).

BBH: Last but not least, anything you would like to share about haircare in general or experiences. I must say as a mama with naturally straight hair I didn’t know anything about curly haircare before Sissy came along but I was determined to learn all I could and style her hair myself and teach her not only how to care for her hair but to love her hair. I know how important her hair is and what statements hair can say about someone. I am continually researching products, styles, and everything else to help her as she grows into a young woman. I hope as she grows she loves her hair and we can use hair time for her to share what is happening in her life and to bond over “girl stuff”. My husband laughs because I always said, “I wish we would have a little girl with curly hair.” Little did I know that God would answer that prayer in a BIG way! I am so thankful He did and I love her and her hair and wouldn’t want her any other way! I love my curly haired princess!!!!! [BBH :”’) ]

Thanks Mommy Jessica and Sissy for participating!!! Who hearts this Mommy and BBH? I do, I DO!! Hhhh. I think Mommy is my “haircare” twin. So much of what she does resonates with our routine. Now ain’t Ms. Sissy just the sweetest little thing? Golly, she’s GORG! I just wanna just smoosh those cheeks, mmMMH! YUMMY! And dag nab it those PICTURES?!?! Seriously? Very delightful like… the slam actually. Ya’ll just dont know how hard it was to choose for this Blast, WHEW!! Be sure to check out more amazing pics by Mommy Jessica at www.lovinglifevisions.com and gets to likin’ her her FB pag at www.facebook.com/lovinglifevisions. MMhhmmm. Baby’s got BIG HAIR and Mommy’s got skillz. Beautimus…


**ps – That PHAT NASTY candy cane hook up? From Kangacoo Designs. Peep here, tell her BBH sent ya!**

By now you know I’m workin’ our fav protective style, twists, that I originally styled with the Beautiful Curls (BC) Curl Activating Curly to Kinky Hair line (review of fav products here). Delicious!! Well, BBH had dance class on this particular day I decided to further remix her recently remixed twists and Zigzag headband with an “up and away” style. I opted to do a bun mohawk similar to what I did earlier this year (see asian inspired mohawk style here). What did we get? Something fun, ya know, a lil’ funky:) Check it out..

First I spritzed her hair with my water/leave in and BC oil mixture, applied a little Kinky-Curly Tiny Twirls Styler gel and cornrowed her twists towards the center of her head.

Then I simply gathered the cornrowed sections into ponytails, wrapped those into knots and secured with a small rubber band like so…

Then after class, I removed the knots in the back for wavy twists for a fun day with Mommy. This was supacute as well:)

Me likey!! BBH? Ehhh…

Not so much, LOL! You think its over? IT AINT OVAH!! More remixed twists to come. EEK! I LOVE TWISTS!! ‘Till next time…

Go’Head Baby!!

So,  as you know we’re back in our fav protective style for BIG HAIR, twists!  From last week’s post I shared how we put these bad boys in with products from the Beautiful Curls (BC) Curl Activating Curly to Kinky Hair line. You may recall I mentioned that I started on BBH’s hair one fine late afternoon (emphasis on “late”).  BAD MOVE.  After all the hours of twisting her hair, it was still a little damp when she went to bed.  Results= frizzies and limp twists in the AM, like instant day 5 hair (oh gaaaaaaa!).  I just lived with it for a few days but as soon as the opportunity presented itself,  I re-twisted the front and top layers of her twists.  I lightly spritzed her hair w/my concoction and added a bit of the Queen Helene’s Curl Shaping Creme (great hold and sheen and fabulous for defining curls, trust- posted here). I did this because her hair was fully loaded with BC products from a few days before and I just needed to revive and give her hair a little more hold for the next week.

While I was at it,  I decided to redo her “hair band.”  Feeling pretty confident from the cornrow head band style I did previously (see here. No more blasted cornrows, YEY!), I thought I try another corn row style.  Sooooo making a second special guest appearance is yet again is the cornrow, 2 to be exact:)

Let’s take a closer look, shall we??

Now can I get an AMEN on those cornrows? Hallelu!!

I remixed her twists much earlier in the afternoon so her hair was good and dry by the evening, plus I wasn’t working with saturated “hairwashing day” hair.  It was just barely damp with my water/Leave In mixture (Kinky Curly’s Knot Today) with a few drops of Beautiful Curls new Shea Butter & Coconut Hydrating Curl Oil (see BC review here).  This is her hair 5-6 days later without adding a lick of product to it whatsoever (for real), just covering at night…

Much, MUCH better and more typical of the results I get from styling her twists. Whew!  I’m at peace now.  Stay tuned for another remix!!

Go’Head Baby!

At LAST!! Got my BBH back in her twists. It was a journey ya’ll, trust. I washed BBH’s her via our normal hairwashing routine, but due to time constraints, I couldn’t get busy with the twists like I wanted to. So I did a few quick ponies and ‘rope-a-doped’ them with box rope twists. BBH’s twists would have to wait for the next day. Now THAT is a first. I ALWAYS twist BBH’s newly washed hair….AHWLWAYZ!!!! HHHhhhhhh. It was actually a good thing because I was severally low on my staple Kinky-Curly‘s Knot Today Leave In Conditioner so I was in no position to put my weight on some twists anyway. So the next day, I carved out late afternoon to twist her hair. AND I was eager to try the Beautiful Curls Shea Butter & Coconut Hydrating Curl Oil I got at Whole Foods (remember my post? It was free, EEK!). This oil is hot off the press as its not even listed on the Beautiful Curls site yet, though I did find this press release. Ooweee! We’re on the cusp of something new fam!!

Now before I move on, let me just s’plain my relationship with Beautiful Curls (BC). I have courted BC products for a little over a year now. What I love most about the company is their strive for fine products and its community empowerment projects that are “aimed at alleviating poverty and advancing gender equality.” You can read more about it here. So you can feel good about your purchase every time, but trust, a little goes along way. I’ve worked with the same initial products I bought a year ago (uhm, shelf life is not an issue). If it were not so, I would have told you!! Now I’ve tried everything under the Curl Activating Curly to Kinky Hair line (they also have wavy to curly line for my less coily BBH’s) except the Shampoo. For the purposes of this post, I will review in detail 3 of my fav: the Shea Butter Curl Activating Cream, Shea Butter Curl Sculpting Wax and recently the Hydrating Curl Oil.

Now back to our regular scheduled program. I began to unravel the twisted ponies in BBH’s hair to detangle her hair. Looky here at this gorgeous twist out potential..

Here is her hair after further unraveling…. I love this girl’s hair MAN! OK?!?! Hhhhhhh.

Tools of choice to begin this well overdue twisting session? My triple threat combo: 1) Wide Tooth comb; 2) modified Denman brush; and 3) Spray water bottle filled with water and part Leave In conditioner (just shake!). See related detangling post. THIS time, I added a few good drops of the Beautiful Curls Shea Butter & Coconut Hydrating Curl Oil to the spray bottle mixture. Oowee, I LOVE the BC Hydrating Curl Oil. Lets take a closer look, shall we?


  • Price: Ehhh, its not cheap. $8.99 for a 4 fl oz bottle – BUT for the killer combo of the following ingredients into 1 product, you can’t beat it: Sesame Oil, Shea Leaf, Sunflower Oil, Shea Butter and Coconut oil, to name a few…
  • Smell: It’s strong folks, not even gonna lie. But if you add to your water/leave in mixture, it all but dissipates shortly after contact. It’s much stronger if you rub in your hands and directly apply to hair. I’m thinking if you have a supasensitive nose, you should definitely try it in a spray bottle.
  • Consistency: Not super light, but far from thick.
This oil worked wonders in my spray bottle mixture. I could tell I was getting good slippage from it. I used our wide toothed comb to work the mixture through her hair.

I barely put a dent in the bottle so truly a little drop will do ya. Next, I whip out my trusted BC Curl Activating Creme. “People Let Me Tell Ya’Bout my Be-e-st Friend!!” This right here is a staple product folks. Especially for twist styles. I use it by itself or in conjunction with Kinky-Curly‘s Tiny Twirls Styler for great hold and sheen (for like DAYZ). Lets go in for more detail…


  • Price: For what it does for us? Justifiably priced at $14.00 for an 8oz tub. PLUS, Whole Foods frequently has this product on sale. AND not to mention, a little goes well beyond a long way.
  • Smell: Light to Medium. Just kinda “hair product-ey” smelling. Not as strong or distinctive as the Hydrating Oil.
  • Consistency: A cross between yogurt and pudding. A very rich and smooth texture.
Ah yeah baby! Lets get to twistin’ up in this joint. I put a fingertip amount of the cream on each twist and blend it in with my Denman brush. Clumping is insane. This stuff is also good for defining BIG HAIR curls, but I like it for general styling the most. Anywho, I just started twisting away….
At the end of each twist, I use the Beautiful Curls Shea Butter Sculpting Wax to keep the twists from unraveling. Now this product you can use all over, but it’s a bit heavy for BBH’s hair, so I like to focus on her ends for extra protection. Lets take a closer look:
  • Price: $10.00 for a small 2oz tub (guess tub is the wrong word in this case, LOL!). Again, not cheap but as stated earlier above, Whole Foods frequently has this product on sale. AND not to mention, this too goes a long way; remember, I’ve had this for about a year. Let me also say these are Fair Trade Certified Shea products. In essence, you get what you pay for.
  • Smell: Light to Medium. Smells like Shea Butter. Again, not as strong or distinctive as the Hydrating Oil.
  • Consistency: Thick butter (real butter) like consistency, but melts away in the palm of your hand.

I really like this wax but trust, I will DROP IT LIKE HOTCAKES if anybody comes for my BC Curl Activating Creme! Just sayin’… Here is a pic of the wax applied to the ends of the hair, it’s like bu’dah baby!

Now for the BIG reveal and making a special guest appearance……

*Gasp* Is that a…a not-so-blasted cornrow?!?!? Why yes it IS!!!!

No please, no applause please…please stop..it’s too much..really…Thank you…Eh-Thankyouverymuch!

EEK! Many thanks to Charlotte of Charlotte’s Avenue for “Head Band” hairspiration on this one. She was killin’ those on her girls awhile back. Our head band consist of 3 cornrows. One large one starting from the left ear to the right and two smaller ones starting from the right ear towards the left stopping about 1/2 way. My initial idea was to create a flower effect in the front (#FAIL). NOT so hot, so I just carried the smaller braids over to the left and secured them with a band and the large braid I secured on the right to another twist to keep it flat, like so…

I feel like Hercules on that headband (Go me, It’s my birfday, I’m gonna cornrow like it’s my birfday!!) Alright folks. To wrap it up here (thanks for staying with me). Let me once again show some MAD love for Beautiful Curls as promised and stress again the line reviewed in this post (and on my own dime) is the “Curl Activating for Curly to Kinky Hair” line. The line for looser curls is called “Curl Enhancing for Wavy to Curly Hair.” They also have a line for babies and up called “Curl Nurturing.” By the time I fell into BC products, BBH’s hair had crossed over to “BIG HAIR” so never tried it, but based on the Curly to Kinky line, I would recommend it. Quick shout out to the Curl Activating Leave’In Conditioner that I often “pre-poo” with and the Deep Conditioning Treatment for Curly to Kinky Hair I’ve used on occasion (though it is a little too thick for her hair). Oh, and the Curl Reviving Tonic (for all hairtypes). These are all fine products, as I am sure the Shampoo is too, but in a line up, the Activating Creme and Sculpting Wax and Oil will never get too low up in this piece, as long as I am a twisting fool, LOL! Perhaps I’ll review those in a separate post to bring the BC love affair full circle.

Remember, get thee to Whole Foods. They have BC products on sale frequently. They may even have a few sample packets which got me hooked in the first place. Whew! This has to be the longest post I’ve done EVER!! See, my product junky issues = your gain:) Yay! OO- Have you seen my cornrows yet; SAY WHA?!?!

Go’Head Baby!

Honestly, I shouldn’t even say anything in this post. Nope. Just let the pics marinate… No heading, no caption, just BAM! – pics of this RIDONKULOUS style by Rory of Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care (CHVC). The effect this style had on me is equivalent to throwing the mic, muggin’ real mean and exiting the stage after a crazy live performance. Like, did I…did I just get served?!?! LOL! OO-oo, no I got it… OK. It’s like that scene in The Bodyguard where Whitney Houston‘s sister (in the movie) starts singing “Yes Jesus Loves Me” all quietly and angelic like and you start thinking to yourself “well alright now, sang honey!” But then Whitney steps outside and effortlessly PUTS HER WEIGHT ON IT and slaaaays it. She kills it and there it is, it’s a wrap, it’s over. That is THIS style in a nutshell folks, trust. IT’S A WRAP!!! Golly, were do I start?

FIRST, the parting detail, I-LOVE-IT!!! Rory posted on the Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care Facebook Page that she sketched it out before styling. See, that right there is just on a whole’nother level for me. SECOND, the amazing flat rope twists. They are flawless people!! What in the world? THIRD, that Halo (clears throat and channels Beyonce “Halo, Halo Halo-oo-oo”). I mean, how much glory do you want?!? The entire style just takes me outta here. It’s seamless! I do not see ‘nam rubberband in that baby’s hair. Which leads me to that precious Lil’Boo. What a style fitting for such a sweet little angel. Oh and baby’s got BIG HAIR too, check her out here. Ok, so you MUST see CHVC’s amazing tutorial on this All Around Rope Twist Style (and others). It’s a great read and easy to follow. She also has a Flat Rope Twist Tutorial posted on YouTube (which I will be wearing out, trust!!). Now wouldn’t this be awesome flower girl hair with a little baby’s breath?! Hhhhhh. Rope-a-Dope!! Let me stop typing…

Go’Head Baby!

Welcome to “Baby Big Hair Blast” where we highlight BIG HAIR artisans and their muses:) Up next to the BBH stage is Mommy Aisha of Braid With Me and her stunning little girl Anisa. Now trust, babygirl’s got BIG HAIR!!! Well, I didn’t have to go far to track down this Mommy as she was the creator of the glorious “Big Hair on the Side” Hairspiration Style posted this week!! Aisha is a BEAST when it comes to braiding. I am in straight up awe of her skills (no blasted cornrow for this Mommy, LOL!), and Anisa is just a sweet little thing! We’re fortunate to have so many fantastic pics of Anisa’s BIG HAIR in one place!! OOOWEEE! Well, let’s get right to it, shall we??

BBH: What is your hair washing routine?
I am currently working on a new routine for my daughter. She has been having some issues with eczema so I have switched from washing her hair once a week to every two weeks. I am currently using Bee Mine Bee Nourished Ayurvedic Herbal Bar and Herbal Essence Hello Hydration (old ingredients) conditioner. [BBH: Awhhhh, sorry to hear that, but sounds like your working it out, pay attention BBH parents!!]

[BBH: OK, is it just me or do you hear angelic sounds when you look at THIS PIC?!?! ….Mommy just struck her rat-tail comb and parted that baby’s hair like the Red Sea!! ]

What do you find are the challenges for styling Anisa’s hair and how do you overcome them?
Time!!! Now that her little brother is so active and the fact that school has started we have less time for styling. I find myself relying on protective styles a lot more because of this. [BBH: Yessssss! Nothing like having to refresh a style every day or evening, heck or every other day!! ]

How do you entertain Anisa when styling her hair?
As far as entertaining goes, she actually prefers to have her iPod . Other than that, we talk about what I’m doing to her hair and why. She’s interested learning how to braid!! [BBH: Awahhhh! That special Mommy/daughter time and hair schooling, LOVE IT]

[BBH: Oooweeee! sing it with me – BIG HAIR on daaaaaaaaaaaaa (*clap*) Siiiii-iii–iii-de! WOO!]

What are your fav products these days?
I will always love Bee Mine!! [BBH: Ooo lets bump that up on the list then!] I recently tried Oyin Handmade products and I love them as well. My favorite “in the store” product is Carol’s Daughter Lite Hair Milk. I also make my own mixture, which includes unrefined shea butter, coconut oil, vitamin E oil, and castor oil. [BBH: Got it!!]

How does she feel about her hair??
She loves it!! [BBH: Uhm, if you were tearing my head up on the regular like that, I would too, OK!?!!] She loves to tell me which style she would like. Whenever we’re out in public and someone compliments her hair, she ALWAYS tells them about the Protective Style Challenge that she won! Lol!! She doesn’t tell them that she won, she tells them the rules!! No rubberbands, No beads, No barrettes, No heat!! Lol!! [BBH: That is so dag’on CUTE! Look at this baby….sssstop!!]

Tips for wearing BIG HAIR or fav “quick” styles.
The most important tip I have is to not focus on length!! [BBH: That’s right, shrinkage will get you every time…] The overall health is the most important thing. I don’t really have a fav quick style but my favorite protective style is box braids.

BBH: Last but not least, what is the inspiration behind your blog Braid With Me?
I recently started my own blog, www.braidwithme.blogspot.com. I decided to start it after the suggestion of Nikki from www.beadsbraidsbeyond.blogspot.com. While guest blogging on her site, I received a lot of positive feedback about the styles that I create. [BBH: Trust, I was one of those folks!!! So glad you stepped out…] I’m still pretty new to the blogging world, but if you would like to see more please stop by our page and join!! Also, be sure to “Like” our Facebook fan page to view our style gallery. [BBH: UHM, DO’DIS FOLKS!!]

Thank you Mommy Aisha and Anisa (Ms. Pretty, Pretty) for participating!!! LOVE this child’s hair, OK?!?!? And I mean you’ve only seem a glimpse, a tiny taste, just a hint of the meticulous styles Mommy Aisha whips up and puts down like the “Braided Twisted Rolled” style or the “Back to School” style she did this year. Shooooo, I’d have Hairspirations lined up through the end of the year from her blog alone!! Golly. Hhhhhhh. Get over to www.braidwithme.blogspot.com or like the Braid With Me FB Page and tell her Baby Big Hair sent ya! *P.S. Mommy Aisha has a “Teach With Me” section of her blog dedicated to various educational resources that could be useful for you and your BBH. LOVE IT!

Go ‘Head Baby!!

Officially took down BBH’s recent Twist and Twist out Style. She is SO in need of a deep condition (still from braids earlier in the summer; bad mommy!) and a protective style so I can rest her hair a bit. Plus I just miss my small twists!! Anywho. This is BBH in all her BIG HAIR glory having a lil’fun, complete with princess gear, smh…

Go’Head Baby!

Are you stomped on “Protective Styling”??  Come join us tonight from 9-11pm EST on our BBH Face Book Page for our “Ask a BIG HAIR Question” segment featuring “hair-xpert” Journey to My Roots.  Here are a few words from her on this very topic…

Super informative!  Come and get your natural hair questions answered this evening on FB…details here.

Go’Head Baby!