The Best Twist out Ever? (Evah Evah?!?!?): @Naptural85 Tutorial

best twist out bbh

Bonjour!!  So, quick post here on a technique I tried  last month during our Frotective Challenge (yes, the Frotective Challenge, are you sick of my FC posts yet?  LOL!!).  shortly before the Challenge, I cam across this very interesting vid posted by Naptural 85 (mega grown BIG HAIR) on achieving the best twist out EVER (VER..Ver…ver)!!! Let’s peep the tutorial  shall we?

In essence:

  • Start on stretched hair,
  • Section off hair and lightly spritz detangle and add minimal product
  • Flat twist each section by adding hair as you twist
  • Twirl the ends to seal and wrap twisted section into a Bantu Knot
  • Repeat last step until head is covered with Bantu Knots
  • Unravel each twisted knot, wrap around head to stretch it, then pin it
  • Repeat above until all twists are stretched and pinned around head
  • Cover with scarf (if sleeping in the style)
  • Unravel and BAY-UM!

Here are pics of our attempt of the above technique after stretching BBH’s Hair with Ghana Plaits.  You’ll note my sections were smaller as I was working with parts we already had:

Un”knotted” twists wrapped and pinned around her head:

natural twist out

natural twist out

We covered with our silk cap overnight. And the big reveal after take down…
black hair twist outOO-to-theWEE, FABULOUSNESS!!!  Was it the “Best Twist Out Ever?”  Evah, Evah? Yes and no.  This was a really good twist out no doubt.  Especially for one night.  It was indeed stretched and defined with gloss just right for dat floss.  Had I left the twists in her hair just a day or two longer, we’d be talkin’ straight SLAM honey.  NOT THAT I WASN’T swooning over the above results, just noting the inevitable. I know how BBH’s hair responds to “setting” over a course of a few days (example here).  There’s just nothing like it. Those are our best twist outs, fro’sho. BUT for an overnight twist out. Yeah, this tutorial ROCKS!!   Please believe it. Def put this on your list to try.

black hair

Go’Head Baby!!



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10 thoughts on “The Best Twist out Ever? (Evah Evah?!?!?): @Naptural85 Tutorial

  1. I LOVE THE BBH-HAIR POSTS THE MOST! :) (I have been wanting to say that for some time. I just LOVE the BBH posts!).

    Anyway, great style and I see what you mean about the other twist-out. Both are super-cute, though – as is BBH!!

  2. Your daughter’s hair looks great!
    I tried this method (Nap85-I luv huh:)) on my son a little while ago. I didn’t get the same results. His hair is a little in the thin side so it ended up looking stringy. I’m going to try it again when his hair has grown more.

  3. Thanks so much…I have been searching for a “how-to” to achieve this look on my 6yr old who has very soft and fluffy hair. I can not wait to try this. Thanks again.

  4. loved this tutorial! Thank you for sharing. I will be trying this on my 1 year old who has the same length and texture as your BBH! She is in her first pageant this weekend! Hope it turns out just as gorgeous!

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